Guest Post: The Ultimate Singapore Layover

This is a guest post written by Olivia Bourke. Olivia is a young traveller, writing about each adventure in the hope others will leave their comfort zone and explore this beautiful planet we live on! Based in Sydney, she is exploring her own backyard every chance she gets.
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11464826156_ba81563a62_kGardens By the Bay

After visiting some of the world’s most beautiful cloud forests, Gardens by the Bay’s Cloud dome didn’t just feel foreign, it felt out of this world. The glowing city backdrop, and the 360 sky-path that wraps its way around the top of the forest, lighting up to make the whole dome feel like an alien ship. It is this otherworldly feel that makes the Cloud forest one of the best attractions at the Bay. Make sure to visit just before they begin their daily misting; the cool air, and the light shower of water leaves you feeling like you’ve been transported out of Singapore’s metropolis. Making a quick visit to the Supertree Grove will accentuate this feeling. These trees are hugely impressive, in both visual and practical aspects. Each tree serves a different purpose, whether that be to harvest solar energy, or act as an air exhaust.


5646200737_6bdb87fbe3_bSatay Markets

Hidden behind the Gardens, Satay by the Bay is a nice spot for dinner after a big day exploring in the trees. Have a walk around before buying anything to eat, as there are heaps of meal options and restaurants to choose from. Grab a couple of satay sticks, a main or two and sit down in the back bar for a beer. Sitting in the bar is only permitted if you drink while you’re there, but they don’t seem to mind you bringing in outside food. SIt back, and enjoy the nutty aroma, smoky backdrop and chaotic stall owners.If satay isn’t something you love, don’t worry there are heaps of little cafes around the area which can satisfy your hunger.


17341661445_8d1d13ddcf_kHaji Lane

Located in the Arab street quarters Haji Lane is a colourful, hip street with an abundance of bars, boutique shops and cafes. Pop down here to enjoy some street art, or come to party. This versatile little space has become a bit of a hipster heaven. It can be easy to get lost on your way to Haji, so either jump in a cab or grab a map from your hotel before you go. Some venues are quite pricey so make sure to check your budget before you head to Haji.


10165726954_471e29c4c0_bMarina Bay Sands

The Marina Bay Sands has become a tourist mecca in Singapore, and although the Singaporeans don’t particularly love what it stands for -gambling, and instability- it is a must visit for any first timer to Singapore. Close to the Gardens by the Bay, this hotel overlooks the city and water for a prime viewing point of Singapore’s nightlife. During Chinese New Year see hoards of people converge on the area for festivities, and food. Stay at the hotel, or just pop up to the Sky Park for a swim, with a panoramic of Singapore’s bustling city and a cocktail in hand this hotel is a big tick off the bucket list.


cocktail-898581_1920Raffles Hotel

Sip on a Singapore Sling, crack peanuts, and chill out in the iconic Raffles Hotel. Regardless of what anyone says visiting Raffles is a must on a first time visit to Singapore. Before you sit down in the bar, take a wander around the hotel and explore the place that made Singapore so famous. Step into the Long Bar, and be whisked back in time. The sheer elegance of this hotel is unbeatable. The only thing that may shock you is the abundance of peanut shells littering the ground. This is a tradition starting in the early 1900’s, and although it isn’t something that feels natural at first, in no time at all you won’t even notice yourself doing it. Make sure to keep up to date with their renovations if you plan to travel in the next 12 months.



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12 Replies to “Guest Post: The Ultimate Singapore Layover

  1. Wonderful itinerary!! I didn’t go to Marina Bay Sands because I thought it was too expensive at the time but I totally regret it. I will definitely be back for it! I actually loved the Botanical Gardens, though it might be too much for just a layover.

  2. It’s our dream to stop in Singapore…not for a long layover, though, but to live there for a month at least. We love, love, lovee the idea of Singapore. Those views, that amazing pool, ah, we can’t wait <3 And did you say markets? we are in!

      1. hahaha… if any of you visit Singapore – drop me a line. I do travel a lot but sometimes I’m in Singapore hanging out at my parents place. I grew up in Singapore as an expat kid/teen and then returned for a couple years then left then returned (sort of)

  3. I love Singapore! You’ve really gotten the highlights down, girl! Thanks for this guide! P.S. Changi airport is one of the best ones out there, right?!

  4. My travel buddy and I had a layover there too, so these are great for layover! We tried to go up to the Marina Bay Sands, but we were told that we needed to pay to see the view. We decided not to spend too much since we were going to fly to another country afterward. I love Gardens by the Bay! Wish that I could see it at night because I heard how beautiful it is!

    Hopefully when I have another layover in Singapore in the future 😉

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