7 Annoying Things You Shouldn’t Do When You Travel (but everyone does)

I will be the first to admit that I do most of these things and I am seriously so sorry. I mean, not sorry enough not to do them, but still…sorry.




Taking off your shoes on a flight or in an airport is just kind of inappropriate. No one wants to see or smell your feet. And everyone knows this. But everyone (including myself) continues to do it because we’ve had a long day and just want our feet to stop tingling the way feet tingle when you’ve been exploring a new city or jogging through an airport to catch your flight.



It’s really, really hard to contain yourself in your little seat space, especially for a long distance flight. Sometimes you lean on people, sometimes you take up too much space – it happens, and we’re all sorry.



We’re all just really impatient people who, for some reason, would rather wait in the plane than outside it. And we’d rather this option so much that we create giant, inconvenient lines. We know it is annoying, but none of us really seem to care. Even when the airport attendants tell us to be seated, sometimes there are a select few of us who try to stay standing.




This is something we all secretly don’t do sometimes and I can tell you – the flight attendant is not impressed.





We’re all too busy getting out seat set up the way we want, and craning our necks to see out the window. There’s a reason they don’t let you use the TVs before this happens…PAY ATTENTION.




I know what you’re thinking…”but…pretty clouds are pretty and I want to see them.” And I know this. But as someone who has frequently been the person that someone is leaning over to get a view or a photo – please get out of my personal bubble.




Firstly – it’s airplane food; obviously it won’t be 5 star. Secondly; stop trying to get free sh*t. We’re all in this giant flying tin can, and not every one of us can bother the flight attendant for more drinks or food – because then there would be not enough for the rest of the plane. So sit down, un-press your flight-attendant call button and drink your tiny little glass of coke.

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52 thoughts on “7 Annoying Things You Shouldn’t Do When You Travel (but everyone does)

  1. I can honestly say, hand on heart, I have never done any of these (yet). I had a personal space invader squashing me on my last flight and I suffer with pain, so his weight on my arm was causing me excruciating pain in my shoulder. I actually cried and kept shifting away from him, but he took it as a sign to spread out even more! Things like this actually make me more aware of how I behave while travelling as I know how bad the consequences can be.

    1. OH no that sounds so awful 🙁 The only time I’ve ever taken up personal space is trying to see out a window and I realized what I was doing and apoligized because I was being one of “those” people and I didn’t even realize haha I hope you don’t get squished on your next flight!

  2. Actually, I have NEVER done anything on the list, exact the line thing. Low-cost carriers they never call your seat so you HAVE to stand in line.
    No flight meals or freebies on low cost carriers so cannot complain haha
    I always put my cell in airplane mode! It’s required by law and in most airports you don’t really have signal anyway once you board (Tried to call home once I landed in a snow storm and it was hard to get a signal)

    1. Good for you girl!! I know, I have absent-mindedly forgotten to turn my phone off or on flight mode before until we were almost taking off, or sometimes I’ve forgotten completely because it’s usually tucked away in my bag! 🙁

      1. The cell is always on me. I listen to music and / or read off it so it’s my “entertainment on board”. Thus, I am always careful to put it in airplane mode. Plus , I usually like to just “check out the real world” some good time before i fly (unless i run the airline’s app on my cell and then i keep it on until boarding)

        1. My cell is usually in my bag – I try really hard to use my flight time to read because I feel like when I’m not on a plane I always have my laptop or cell phone in front of me. It’s so nice to just unplug sometimes – but this means I don’t even think about it unless they make one of those announcements to do it. :p

          1. I do not travel with my laptop unless I work . And even then, I keep it nicely tucked in the bag.
            I have given up carrying books with me so the cell works perfectly 🙂 Used to have a tablet with me but I ditched that too (we travel carryon only)

  3. Whenever I see someone walking around in bare feet it freaks me out. It’s just gross! I once saw someone doing their nails on a plane and that was tooo much!

    1. OMG NO. not okay with the doing their nails. That’s a whole new level of inappropriate! I’ve taken my shoes off twice, once because I was pregnant and my feet swelled up insanely during the flight. And another time when I was young and didn’t realize it was rude! 😉

  4. Quilty of a few of them. I do take my shoes off on the plane because it just feels so much better. I also never read the safety instructions or pay attention to them. On the other hand, I think if you have traveled so much, you kind of know them already. I never stand in line before my seat is called out, though. I think there is no point to just stand when I can just chill and sit, especially when I have heavy hand luggage. I will be called out eventually anyway 🙂

    1. I feel like the standing thing is more for inexperienced travelers. I used to do this all the time in the beginning when I hadn’t traveled much because I was excited but now I’m usually one of the last people in my row to board because sitting is just so much nicer 😉 haha
      SO GLAD to know someone else has done some of these haha oops!

  5. Another shoe offender in the plane. I take thewm off too. What I really don’t get is the standing in line to board as soon as possible. Considering the reduction in personal space in the plane itself and the fact I have to spent more than enbough time inside the plane I rather wait outside as long as possible and always wait to be one of the last to board the plane.

    1. Ugh sometimes you just need to take your shoes off for even just a few minutes right!? Totally agree about having to spend tons of time on the plane – I am in no rush to get on anymore!

  6. I am definitely guilty of not being able to contain myself in my little seat, it’s just hard hard when you’ve so much stuff! Turning off electronics is hard when I’m shooting video out the windows. If I’m with friends I’m practically lying on their laps to see out the windows. I read safety manuals of I’m bored and those people always wave their arms around but I don’t think I’ve heard the safety talk since my first time flying lol. Basically I’m a bad traveller!

    Ama / Albatroz & Co.

    1. hahah girl, me too! :p I find the hardest thing to do is contain myself to my tiny seat especially when flying back to Canada from Europe (usually 7+ hours) I need to lay weirdly or spread out to sleep and usually end up taking up too much space!

  7. LOL I succumb sometimes to some of these – but not very often! Honest! Never 4, 6 or 7 though. Get a window seat if you want the window, ppl!

    Also, if it’s that important that everyone sits together, then for God’s sake pay to reserve seating! Or at least don’t get all passive aggressive morally judgmental if people won’t change seats for you!

  8. I’ve done 3/7, haha! I always take my shoes off on long haul flights, and never think anything of it if I see someone else do it. It’s way more comfy! haha

  9. The only thing I do is #5, but that’s because I’ve been on so many flights that I could probably recite that spiel by heart.

  10. I think I am pretty good, just 3 out of 7 but I so love taking my shoes off!! I do always bring clean socks to put on for the plane though but I know it’s bad!!!

  11. haha I always take off my shoes! only on long haul flights, but there’s no way I can sleep comfortably on a 10+ hour flight with my shoes on! guilty!!

  12. The only one I’ve done is take my shoes off on the flight! But when you’re flying long-haul it’s much more comfortable. I always make sure to watch the safety demos. On some flights they have a video instead of the flight attendants doing it – the Oman Air one is really inventive and you should youtube Air New Zealand’s – they’re excellent!

  13. Ha, I actually wait until the very last minute to get on the plane for some reason. Definitely sympathise with most of these though!

  14. HAHA I totally do these!! It’s so dumb to wait in line for so long during check in, I definitely should just sit down. But when I see all those people getting up, I just feel like I should too!

  15. I thnk we are all guilty of a few for sure! Personally the worst for me is when everyone stands right in front of the luggage belt so that no one else can see or even GET to their luggage. Drives me INSANE!

  16. I must say I’ve never had anyway lean across in my bubble when I was in the window seat, but I happily lean back when I notice someone looking to try & share my great view. Taking off my shoes though? Always – but I bring slippers to replace them with to contain the smell! 😹

  17. Omg defo to the shoes one ahhahaha. I recently took an 11 hour flight and pretty sure my seat mate could FOR SURE smell my feet, but I was at the point where I really could not give a crap haha. Sometimes it must be done!

  18. I only do number 1 and 3 sometimes. Rarely though. So that makes me feel good about myself lol. I think I’m one of the few people who actually pay attention to the safety demos and reads the pamphlets about emergency procedures. Maybe I’m a little too paranoid but it’s kept me alive so far!

    1. hahah yes, I played this simulator once at an airport about what to do in an emergency and I totally panicked (in the simulator!) hahah so from then on I started to pay more attention!

  19. I do 1, 4 and 5. BUT I only take of shoes if I have clean fresh non smelly socks on. No nasty bare feet!!! I will actively shove anyone who encroached into my seat space! LOL

  20. Taking shoes off cos it’s really much more comfortable! But first, I must ensure there will be no smell, lol! The standing before being called is really annoying, and you’re forced to join the queue cos sometimes the line really gets atrocious and you’ll start to worry there’ll be no baggage space by the time you board. Totally appreciate those airlines that segregate boarding into zones and board passengers accordingly.

  21. bahahah #3 kills me! My husband ALWAYS gets in line first, when we are usually zone 1 or 2. I’m pver here blogging or editing something and he’s like, “Hey we need to get ready”. READY FOR WHAT? But yes, most of us do these!

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