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Guest Post: 7 Best Christian Vacations

When seeking a vacation as a Christian, you have many options to pick from. However, given that you can only visit one location at a time, how about a list of the vacations that will help you connect with your spirituality? Most of these locations are seen​ in pieces of art, and thanks to the world having opened up, you can visit them to experience the early days of Christianity or simply to feel closer to God.


If you want to relive the Bible, there is no better place to visit than Israel. You can generally relive the life of Jesus from the place he was born, his hometown where he grew up from, where he was baptized, where he was crucified and where he was buried.

Christian Cruises

Nothing beats praising the Lord and worshipping Him like doing it as you sail the open seas! Christian cruises are some​ of the most inspiring types of experiences for any Christian. You will see the power of God in the open seas as you fellowship and study the Bible with the other people on the trip. These are easily the most distraction-free experiences when in need of deep worship.

Footsteps of Paul Tour

Of the apostles of the church, Paul is one of the most notable. On this trip, you will visit all the locations of the early church when the gospel was first preached to the gentiles. From the time Paul was called to preach the gospel to the island of Patmos where John wrote the last book of the Bible; Revelations.

C. S. Lewis/Oxford England Tour

There is a lot to explore on this trip in the residence of one of the most famous English authors. You can enjoy the view on the trip, or you can enjoy the aspect of being in the presence one of the most influential people. There are various events that go on when on this trip most notably the seminars held by the C. S. Lewis Foundation.

A Short-Term Mission Trip

Short-Term Mission trips are meant to expose the individual to bring together people from various backgrounds together to share the word of God. These trips often last for a few days but they have such a big impact on the attendees that they are totally worth it. Imagine attending a mission trip and meeting a known figure like Billy Graham.

European Reformation Tour

This is probably the most important trip to the Protestant Christian. You will be on a journey in Europe to visit the journey of early Protestants and reformists such as Martin Luther, John Knox, Ulrich Zwingli and John Calvin. Visit the church where Luther nailed his 95 Theses on the door and other iconic locations that have defined Christianity in the modern times.

Biblical Tour in Orlando

One way to learn of the history of the Bible is on the Biblical Tour in Orlando. Here, you will explore the various aspects of early Christians and how the religion has changed through the times. Read of the works of John Wycliffe who was instrumental in the translation of the Bible to the English language. At the Jesus Film, you can learn of the ways in which the Bible is helping in changing lives all across the globe.

These trips can release the inner Christian in you for a closer relationship with God. You can pick between having each trip a few days at a time or staying as long as you wish. With each trip, your view of salvation and faith will be better than before.


**This is a guest post written by Rana of – check out her Facebook page HERE.

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