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Icebar Amsterdam; An Xtracold Must-See!

Icebar Amsterdam – an absolute must if you’re in Amsterdam!

After a breezy canal boat tour, a great bite to eat at a local restaurant and a wait line at the Anne Frank House that we decided was WAY too long – it seemed we had some time to wander the wonderful city of Amsterdam.

We began to search our brochure for other things to do, and although I’d heard so many wonderful things about some of the attractions in Amsterdam – the one that really caught my attention was the ice bar.

Because it’s definitely on my Wanderlist to visit the Ice Hotel in Sweden (which is almost impossible to get into!) – I decided the first step would be to enjoy the Ice Bar here in Amsterdam. (Visit the website of Icebar Amsterdam.)

What actually caught my attention was the chance to stand in a giant freezer-like room on this hot and sticky 35 degree day (and the 3 free drinks offered with admission was just the added bonus!)


Heading into the bar, we were given our “chips” (which we later used to purchase the drinks) and told to wait until the next group started.

10 short minutes later we were greeted by the lights dimming and a short little intro on the TV. This short little intro produced a cute little back-story of the “northern expedition” we were about to embark on, and why we were entering the ice room.

We pulled on our giant coats and slipped into our finger mittens (provided by the bar) and we went for it!



As we entered the bar, a red neon sign read “-9.5 degrees”.
At first I was a little disappointed, because -9.5 is a pretty calm winter’s day back home in Canada – but the longer we stayed – the colder it felt. I guess it also could have been the ice glasses full of vodka in our hands or the ice bench we were sitting on…

With areas specific for photos and areas specific for sitting, we were able to find a place out of the way to enjoy our drinks. We took the photos we wanted and downed our shots – heading back out into the sticky summer day I felt refreshed and content.

Overall, I loved this bar. I think it was really fun and it’s a great price (17 euro admission with 3 drinks included). While there are a lot of things to do in Amsterdam (many of which I haven’t tried yet), the Icebar Amsterdam is definitely something I would suggest to everyone touring around the city.

 For more information:

Visit the website of Icebar Amsterdam. 



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