How to Deal With Annoying Airport Problems

As experienced travelers, airports are just a normal part of our routine.
If you’re a new traveller, you’re probably just wandering through the airport – frustrated and exhausted.
These are some of the most annoying things we’ve experienced in airports and solutions for coping with them.
Cuba Airport
THE TIMING: As mentioned above, you’re excited and most likely told to arrive at the airport 2 hours prior to boarding time. Either one of two things will happen; you will be ridiculously early, or you will be so late that they have to drive you to your gate on one of those security guard carts. (Yes, both things have happened to me.)
SOLUTION: Check the status of your flight and the traffic the morning of your flight.

THE INCONSISTENCY OF BIG AIRPORTS: “I’m sorry, we don’t accept cash here.” *20 minutes later in a different part of the airport* “I’m sorry, we only accept cash here.”
SOLUTION: Carry some cash with you – just enough to get food/drinks. Ask an airport attendent (or Google it before you arrive) if there are any ATMs in the airport. Have a credit card for emergencies.

THE WALKING: Or in most of my cases, the running.
SOLUTION: Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. It’s nice to look nice while on vacation, but those heel boots and that shirt with the metal jewels on it are not proper airport attire.

FINDING A PLACE TO SIT: Or finding a general space to exist without being in someone’s way.
SOLUTION: Choose a corner or buy a drink at a bar or restuarant so you have a place to be comfortable and out of the way for other travellers/airport security. Nothing is worse then running through the airport and tripping over the guy in the middle of the floor…don’t be that person.

FINDING YOUR LUGGAGE: This is something that seems stressful but really doesn’t need to be.
SOLUTION: Label your luggage with your name and emergency contact information in case of loss. Tie something noticeable onto your beg (a ribbon, a bright yellow strap). Have a matching set of luggage, so you absolutely know which bags you’re looking for.

THAT OVERWHELMING FEELING THAT EVERYTHING IS DIRTY: When I started to travel, every single flight ended with my eyes swollen or my throat sore. Airports and airplanes are definitely places you are prone to infection or illness
SOLUTION: TINY HAND SANITIZER! Those dollar store hand sanitizers are a God-send. You might also consider taking some medicine before you travel to boost your immune system.

REMEMBERING YOUR PARKING SPOT OR TERMINAL NUMBER: For some reason, I had to lose my car several times before I came up with a solution to this.
SOLUTION: Take.Photos. It’s really that simple, folks.

THE MONEY. “One cheeseburger with fries and a medium coke? That’ll be $29.00 please.”
SOLUTION: Eat before you arrive at the airport and fill up on water – chances are you will be given food on your flight anyways.



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