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Stages of Applying for A Travel Visa

If you’ve ever applied for a visa you understand that at any given time your emotions range from excitement/bliss to panic/rage. When we finally handed in my application for a common law visa and, I realized what a crazy process it all was. Tag me out, I’m done.

The waiting period to hear the results is 6 months. For some, that waiting period might seem more concerning than the process (and I admit, the waiting wasn’t fun) – but after months and months of re-typing, re-organizing and re-ordering tons of legal documents and evidence of our relationship, I was happy there was really nothing else I could do but wait.

Here are the good, the bad and the (very) ugly stages K and I went through while applying for our visa (explained with Jim Carrey GIFs because we needed a good laugh);


Oblivious Excitement

I’m DOING THIS. I am moving to another country!
No one can harness my gypsy soul.

Clueless Researching

Yes, I’m doing this! …but, how am I doing this?
I suppose there’s only one place to start;


Actual Researching

Maybe Google isn’t what I should rely on for this life-altering decision.
I should probably contact the government.
* Googles which government agency to call *


Okay, so it’s not as easy as just packing my suitcase and handing them my passport.


Okay, so my embassy told me that I am able to stay in Belgium for 3 months – but their embassy says I need something called Visa A?
What? I’m not eligible for visa A. I need to get visa B to eventually get visa C?


Complete Meltdown

So, my eventual goal is to get visa C. But to get that I need visa B first.
To apply for visa B I need to be in their country.
So…basically, I’m just supposed to pack my things, quit my job and move to another country with the hope that I’m approved? That’s not terrifying at all…



Other people have done this, so it can’t be THAT hard. Pull yourself together.


Ignorance and Bliss

This could be fun. I will have fun with this.



Financial Strain

I need 5 legal documents. Then I need those documents legalized by the government, which is going to be around $200.
I need travel insurance…6 months is $600?
I guess I’ll purchase it for 6 months then, and just be really careful after that.
I also should probably book my flight soon.
I suppose this is what credit cards are for.



Unrealistic Confidence

I have my legal documents, my passport, my luggage, a carefree attitude and cheap airport wine – what could go wrong?




I am moving to another country before I even apply for this visa, how does that make sense?
What if I’m denied and have to move back in 3 months?
I have 3 suitcases. Why did I bring so much stuff!?

Did I even check when my passport expires?
When does my credit card expire?
Did I lock my storage container?
How am I getting to my hotel from the airport… can I even drive here?




Re-organization (x10)

Maybe I should hand in my documents in a binder. Or a folder?
Do I need labels?
The pages aren’t even the same size!
Can the pages be purple? Who doesn’t like purple?

Maybe I should just start over.



I am not moving back to my country. I’m just not going.
If they deny me I’ll just figure out a way to stay, because I am not leaving.



Slight Re-assurance

They said it looked “all good” when I handed it to them.
That’s a good thing. I think.

Wait…what does “all good” mean?




Why do they need 6 months to process a visa application!?
A yes or a no would suffice.



Acceptance and Resignation

Whatever, my part is done. Just let me live here, okay?







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10 thoughts on “Stages of Applying for A Travel Visa

  1. Oh, I relate to this! Every time I apply for a visa I go through a million emotions. The worst was when I applied for a transit visa for Canada after I bought my flight. Oh, the struggles, what if they won’t give it to me? Days of waiting, checking the website… in the end I got it. But it happens the same every time. And the financial part…. hurts my pocket so much! :))

  2. Ha! I really love this. :)) I’m working on a temporary work visa right now, so the stages are a bit more on the serious size, but I can wish that I was getting all the euphoria too. Thanks for making me laugh!

    1. Once it’s all over you’ll be able to look back on it and laugh (I hope)! But I know what you mean, it’s so stressful when you’re going through it. I’m glad I could make you laugh, Peggy! Good luck! x

  3. Ahhhhhaha this so hits home for me! I’ve gone through application for visas with work rights in both Australia and the US, and I can absolutely relate to these…the clueless researching…the meltdown…the impatience…the reassurance…it all happened!

  4. Haha I can totally relate! I applied for a visa to get married in the US, I’m hitting the 3-month waiting mark and this is exactly how I feel. Thanks for the good laugh!

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