CabinZero Bag Review (+PROMO CODE for 10% off!)

Zero hassle travel…wouldn’t it be nice? It’s a little closer with CabinZero bags!

I’ve teamed up with CabinZero to promote their stellar line of cabin-sized backpacks and travel accessories. In this post, I’ll outline what I love about the bags as well as some things I think you should know before buying.

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Deal: 10% off your entire order!

Deadline: March 17th, 2018

Head over to CabinZero and plug in this promo code to get 10 percent off your entire order!


Getting your luggage through CabinZero makes it as close to hassle-free as you will get! With cabin sized, good quality, comfortable (and cute) bags, traveling will be easier than ever. I know when we are getting ready for a trip, it’s a complete nightmare right up until the minute we leave the house…clothes and shoes everywhere, bags strewn all around (half full), my Belgian and I running around the house trying to make sure we didn’t forget anything while our cats meow loudly and with sass to voice their objections to our departure…

Like I said…a nightmare.

But having a bag that I know for certain is cabin sized, durable and comfortable is one less thing this wired mom has to think about on departure day.


What is CabinZero?

CabinZero is a UK company that sells cabin-sized backpacks and other travel accessories.

They ship to every country on this beautiful earth and all products come with a 10-year warranty!

The best part (for this mom running around like a crazy person) is that each bag comes with a tracking code in case you lose it.

The code is on the strap, and if someone finds this bag, all they have to do is go to, type in your bag registration number and BOOM – you will know where your bag is and can arrange a way to get it back. (More on this tracking system is explained below!)

I wish that was a thing for everything I owed – I will never get over losing our son’s first rattle somewhere between Kincardine and Collingwood. Knowing that we will be able to find our bags wherever they are is such a relief to me because (I don’t know how this works, but) generally on vacations, somehow it’s always the mom’s duty to carry everything.


What I Love About My CabinZero Bag


Okay first off, they have incredible color/design choices. I opted for the Hot Pink color (and was NOT disappointed by how HOT HOT pink it is).

It was a hard decision, I also really enjoyed the powder blue bag too, but ultimately decided the brighter color was what I wanted.

Below are just a few of the colors they have to choose from:

Image via CabinZero


I was really torn between the Blue Karma and my Hot Pink…let me know in the comments below which one you would have bought! 



The next thing I like about the bag is how high it is able to sit on your body. While there are straps which you can adjust to allow it to sit lower, a chronic problem I have (being a short woman) is that backpacks over time get really saggy and tend to hang right on my lower back/hips and it’s just not ideal for someone who suffers from back and hip issues.

I like that this bag (even after a month or so of wear and tear) is still sitting high on my body because that’s how I have the straps adjusted.

I will, of course, see how this fairs over time but I have a feeling it will continue to impress me.


Okay, so this is super cool and I think every piece of luggage in existence should have this. It’s basically a code (located on one of the strap buckles of your bag).

You take this code and enter it into OKOBAN.COM

You will find your Okoban tracking code on one of the strap buckles of your bag!


First, you need to create your OKOBAN account (which takes maybe 2 minutes to fill in your information). 


Then, you fill in the information about your bag (including a photo of it).


If anyone finds your bag after you have misplaced or lost it, they can go to Okoban, enter the code and it will let you know that your bag has been found.

You can get in touch with the person who found your bag and get it back! As someone who loses things frequently, this is an amazing idea!



This is a company that genuinely cares about travel, adventure, and comfort.

You can tell by their customer service, the way they’ve designed these bags and even their social media presence that they are a good company to work with.

I’ve been lurking around a few of their social media accounts and have found an overwhelming amount of positive things said!


What You Should Know Before Buying…

Honestly, there isn’t much that I didn’t like about this product. And the things that do fall into this category are either easily avoided or things that are just personal preference.

The company is an absolute pleasure to work with (thanks, again,CabinZero!) and the bag is really comfortable and functional so far.

I will update this post the more I use the bag, but so far I am very impressed.

Some things to keep in mind, though…


I really enjoyed the color, but upon wearing it in day to day life I realized I may have chosen a different (slightly more muted) color. It really depends on when you’re going to use it – I will use this mostly for when we go on big trips (that include airports/checking bags) and so that was my thought behind choosing the brighter color (easier to spot on a luggage conveyor belt or in an airport.)


I’m not sure if I was just having one of those days where your brain isn’t completely switched on (which, as a work from home mom, let’s get real – is almost every day…) 😉

However, I found it a bit difficult to understand where/what the tracker code was in the bag. I noticed after about ten minutes that there was a little code on the buckle of one of the straps. I thought that the card tag (that says Okoban) had the code somewhere on it, but I couldn’t figure out where.


The Okoban label card tag I mentioned above, you may want to keep that off just to let people who find your missing bag know that they can enter the code on the website and get your bag back to its owner.

I wasn’t really thinking and I took the tag off, and then I noticed that while the tracking code is in white letters if people aren’t looking for it, they may not even notice it at all!

Not Just Bags!

CabinZero also has a line of travel accessories that are super handy and really reasonably priced!

CabinCubes are exactly what they sound like…cube-shaped bags that can fit inside your cabin-sized carry on that you can use to organize your belongings. I love this concept because when I’m traveling with myself, my Belgian and our toddler, there is really no limit on the things I need to bring with us! Toys, bottles, pacifier, formula and snacks for our son along with our own travel documents and things I need to blog with like my camera, laptop and phone accessories.

Image via CabinZero

CabinCubes are a great way to separate things inside your carry on luggage so it’s easy to pack and easy to locate something when you need it.

Finally, the thing I like about this brand is that they are ever-expanding and have a good handle on what we travelers need in different circumstances. Their bags are durable, comfortable and can be used for anything from day trips to 6 month backpacking treks.



Deal: 10% off your entire order!

Deadline: March 17th, 2018

Head over to CabinZero and plug in this promo code to get 10 percent off your entire order!



This is a sponsored post that may contain affiliate links. 
I was given a CabinZero bag in return for an honest review.
All opinions expressed in this post are my own.
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