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“What Kind of Blog Even Is This?”

So, throughout the lifetime of this blog (2014 until now), the focus of my writing has shifted depending on what I’m going through. The blog first started as a long distance relationship journal; I talked a lot about what it’s like to be in a long distance relationship, how to maintain your relationship when you’re living apart and I smashed…

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Confessions of an Expat: My Biggest Regret

Regrets. It’s such a loaded word, isn’t it? A lot of people say “no regrets”…but let’s face it, there are always things we look back on and say “well, I most likely could have done that differently…” And by “most likely” I mean I probably, definitely should have done it differently. I want to start off by saying that the…

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Brugge, Belgium Travel Itinerary (One Day)

You know that (terrible excuse/kind of a true story) quote “Sometimes life gets in the way”? Well, I may have accidentally let life get in the way of me exploring one of Belgium’s most famous cities…for almost 2 years! I have lived in Belgium on and off now for a total of 16 months – and have yet to visit…

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Moving Abroad: Life in Austria

Telling us about her BIG move at a young age, Nikoleta shares how she handled the move from her childhood country (Slovakia) to the place she calls her home now, Austria. Nikoleta is an author from the Bonfire Dream. She comes from Slovakia and she moved to Austria at the age of 13. She has learned three new languages during…

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I Love My Selfie-Stick (Stop Judging Me)

An open letter to a fellow traveler, who shared her snap-judgments of us a little too obviously. Dear Traveling Mom of 2;  We don’t know each other, but we do have some things in common. Our paths have crossed recently on a trip to a little village in Belgium. You, your partner and your children were enjoying a visit to…

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