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There are more to us bloggers that meet the eye! From branching off into other blogging topics, running a family/household, to working full time 9-5’s – it’s sometimes hard for us to fit our actual travel in! This bloggers-tell-all post explains how we juggle blogging, travel, work and every-day life.


How I Travel (Infrequently) and Still Run A Travel/Lifestyle Blog

It’s no secret that our travel lives have slowed a little since we announced we are expecting our first child at the end of this year. We are becoming new parents, my boyfriend just entered the working and we just haven’t had that much free time or the resources to travel this year. This is one of the reasons I created this collab post – I wanted to see how everyone else traveled and still found time to maintain their every-day/personal lives because IT IS A STRUGGLE sometimes.

I have traveled very little since announcing my pregnancy (although I did do a last minute flight to Canada for a family emergency), but to be honest, this pregnancy has seriously slowed my travel game. And I’m actually okay with that! That’s life – sometimes things get in the way, you just don’t have the time/resources to travel as often as you’d like (or in my case, are pregnant, exhausted and SO not wanting to tour new cities on foot all day.)

As for the blog –  just because I’m not CURRENTLY traveling, doesn’t mean my love of travel has faded, and although this blog focuses on aspects of my life other than traveling, traveling will always be a HUGE part of this little slice of web.

Well, it’s not JUST a travel blog anymore, and that helps a lot. This blog has taken on a life of it’s own, which is why, most recently,I’ve introduced two new pages to this blog – one about pregnancy and one about living abroad and maintaining a life in a foreign country.

I’ve begun to focus a lot on slow travel and expat life, because that’s where I’m at right now. I’m sure in the future I will write more about traveling around Europe with our son, but for right now I am content at home. PLAY TO YOUR STRENGTHS! If you don’t have time or resources to travel as often as the millions of other travel focused bloggers out there, find your niche and don’t be ashamed to write about your own journey! I moved to another country, created a stable life for myself and now have begun to start a family. While there are tons of people who enjoy the “Top 5 Things to do in Panama” posts, there are also a lot of people who can relate to trying to find independence as an expat. There will always be someone who can relate to what you’re writing!

— Jaimee at

How I Travel, Run a Blog and Manage Properties Overseas

My life has definitely become quite hectic once I decided to start a travel blog while still managing some properties I have acquired overseas. But I guess I am kind of used to it as I used to have a full time job while still managing those properties. The only difference is that now traveling and Blogging has become my full time job.

When I am traveling I usually leave all the posts scheduled for the time being and try to enjoy as much as possible of my trip. I also must be reachable regarding the properties, as some urgent matters may come up. However, if I organize myself before embarking on a trip, things can go much smoother. Scheduling posts is one option, writing a few posts before I leave is another option, as well as already have all the photos and media set up to be sent as soon as I can connect to the internet, which can be done in a few minutes since everything was organized beforehand. By doing that, the traveling part of the job is more pleasant, I can pay attention to everything around me and I write about it later, as well as transmit the right energy (not a stressful one) to the future post and reader about my trip.

— Alessandra at

How I Travel and Work Full Time

I’m the writer behind Jet Set Brunette, but I also have a full-time job. I’ve worked for investment banks and investment management firms for the past 5 years, and I genuinely enjoy my job…most days! That said, I’m often envious of people who travel full-time (it’s hard not to be jealous of a photo of the Maldives when you’re on a crowded train on a Monday!) As jealous as I get, I still don’t think full-time travel is right for me. Why? Well, because I’ve tried it!

My boyfriend (now husband) and I decided in 2011 that we wanted to take the trip of a lifetime – a year backpacking across Australia! I left my job in financial services, bought a backpack, and flew to Sydney to live in a van indefinitely. My nomad days lasted all of six months, until I realised that I’m a ‘I want it all’ kind of girl with a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out). While I am still obsessed with travel to this day, I also wanted to prove I could make it in the corporate world, buy nice things and be in a stable position to start a family someday.

I travel quite a bit for someone with a full-time job – I’ve already been to 5 countries this year, and have a trip to 2 more countries booked. While I only get 4 weeks’ leave a year, my trick is to leverage holidays and long weekends. Tack on a few days over Easter to give yourself a week off, or take those 3 business days between Christmas and New Years’ to give yourself a nice break. Balancing travel with a career is definitely possible!

— Courtney at / instagram: jetsetbrunettexo

How I Travel and Stay Fit…

Traveling is a pretty time-consuming activity. Not only does it involve leaving my home for days or weeks on end, it also requires tons of time before the trip, planning and researching on the destinations. Together with working a full-time job, keeping up my blog and maintaining a decent social life, there is little time to do much else. But I have yet another priority – staying fit!

So how do I do it?

Time management and discipline.

First, I try to choose and learn activities that I enjoy doing. Some include swimming and sport climbing. Having fun while exercising is crucial to keeping fit because it makes me willing to go even when I’m busy or tired.

Second, by keeping it a priority, I make sure to schedule it in my calendar. I will put aside some time every week for activities and plan out my time such that I am able to hang out with friends, work, and still have time every other day to squeeze in at least a quick workout. I usually set aside one whole day over the weekend and one weekday after work for sport climbing, then schedule my time around that.

Lastly, it also helps to make buddies who enjoy the same activities I do and will push me to go for it, motivating me whenever I feel like skipping. In addition, it makes exercising much more enjoyable. It also doubles up as a hang out session with my friends so I can workout and maintain my social life at the same time!

When travelling, I also try to keep up with my fitness goals. Some hotels have gyms and swimming pools which make it easy to exercise (half an hour a day is good enough, it doesn’t take much time!). But what about places that don’t have these facilities?

I have a list of exercises I can do without any equipment. Some include sit-ups, pushups, planks, leg lifts, squats, lunges and stretches. A good resource is Youtube, where there are countless fitness videos that you can follow, depending on which muscle group you would like to work on that day.

I am also fortunate enough to love adventure and active travels. As such, even if I don’t specially set aside time for exercising, I am still able to stay fit! When you’re traveling, do take some time to hike in the wilderness or even walk around the cities to take in the sights. For the more adventurous, look out for activities like surfing, snowboarding, snorkeling, kayaking and mountain-climbing. Most of these activities are great for a full body workout and cardio. They also give you a unique experience and viewpoint of the place you’re visiting, making it a more fulfilling trip!

— Kristin Lee (, Facebook, Instagram)

How I Travel And Work (Part Time) Admin for a Retail Company

I’ve been in this job for over 4 years. It was my first “real job” (before that I was an extra on TV shows which paid pretty well but was not really reliable) I get 6 weeks of holiday a year. Normally I space it out over the course of the year, travelling mostly in off-season times to save money (re: part time job).
The past 2 years however have been hectic. Last summer I was offered a placement to teach English in Romania over the summer which took up 3 weeks of my holiday. I had also already booked a 2 week holiday to Orlando leaving 5 days after I return from Romania, meaning I was off 5 weeks over a 6 week period. Luckily my work are very accommodating and allow me some leniency with my holidays. I still have a week left for this year which I am planning for around January/February.
2017 will be pretty much the same situation with 2 weeks in April, 2 weeks in may and 2 weeks in July. This unfortunately means I have no holidays for the majority of the year. As I work Mon-Fri and live in Scotland it is very easy to take a long weekend trip leaving Friday late afternoon and returning Sunday evening. I have the option of exploring new parts of Scotland, or to hop a cheap flight over to Europe somewhere for the weekend. In the past I have spent a night in Dublin, a long weekend in Corfu and Paris. I also go on a lot of day trips around Scotland at the weekends. It’s a nice way to get away from the city and feel like you are somewhere completely different in the Highlands, even when it’s only a couple of hours on the train!
One day I hope to travel full time, but until then I am happy with squeezing as much travel in as humanly possible!


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