Do’s and Dont’s of An Airport

In a previous post, we brainstormed the most annoying things about airports.
In this list, we’re focusing on the DO’s & DON’Ts of airport travel… things you should and shouldn’t do to make your (and everyone else’s) time in the airport flow smoothly.

I’ve witnessed all of these at some point…they are all 100% proven to either make your time in the airport hell, and/or annoy everyone else.

DO : Wear comfortable and non-complicated clothes
DON’T : Wear a million pieces of jewelry and belts.
Because the 90 people waiting behind you while you take all of that off (and then put it all back on) are going to HATE you.

DO : Eat before you arrive
DON’T : Get tricked into spending $29 for a hamburger, medium coke and fries.


DO : Find somewhere at a restaurant, in a corner or on a chair to sit.
DON’T : Sit in the middle of the airport floor. People WILL trip over you and guess what…they won’t even feel bad about it, because you’re in the way!

DO : Have a carry on.
DON’T : Try and shove everything (including your passport, flight info, book(s) and tablet) into your purse. You will get annoyed and dump it all out looking for that lipstick that’s in the bottom corner.

DO : Know what airline you’re flying with before you arrive.
DON’T : Drive around the outer-airport for an hour looking for the right drop off zone.


DO : Take a damn picture of your parking space!
DON’T : Drive around the parking lot for an hour trying to find your car. (Yes, this has happened to me more times then I’d care to admit..)

DO : Find a bar and have a relaxing drink to celebrate your vacation.
DON’T : Get drunk. Because hangover AND jet lag will be hell… and you don’t want to be that annoying drunk girl on the plane.


DO : Bring hand sanitizer
DON’T : Get sick while you’re on vacation

DO : Have your passport and boarding pass ready.
DON’T : Make everyone behind you wait while you dig through your carry on trying to find your documents.

DO : Double check your gate and flight times.
DON’T : Miss your flight while you’re actually in the airport.

DO : Ask an attendant for help or directions
DON’T : Just wander around aimlessly looking for your gate.

DO : Comply with airport regulations in regards to prohibited items.
DON’T : Make security search through all of your bags.

DO : Know for sure what luggage is yours.
DON’T : Walk off with someone else’s bags, fiercely claiming it’s your own… (yes, I’m talking about you, blonde woman from New Jersey…)

Cuba Airport

What are the most annoying things you’ve witnessed in an airport?

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5 thoughts on “Do’s and Dont’s of An Airport

  1. Most definitely double check your gates and don’t pump the music up too loud or else you’ll miss the all important announcement on gate changes! My friend did that and nearly missed their flights. Budget airlines these days love swapping gates too, how annoying!

    Brilliant tips, bon voyage Jamiee 🙂

    1. Oh no! That hasn’t happened to me yet, but I did accidentally wait in the wrong line and almost miss my flight because of it. Haha

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