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As bloggers, we get out and about a lot – (our blogs kind of depend on it!) I’ve been pulling mom duty as a semi-permanent mombie (mom-zombie) since my son was born on Christmas Eve, (I am definitely not complaining because he is just incredibly adorable!). While I love spending time at home and with my new little family, I have been missing life on the road.

I decided to live vicariously through some of my favourite travel bloggers by admiring (and sharing) their epic travel selfies. (I’ve included a few of my own because I couldn’t help it!!)

Captured By: Hannah at
Photo Location: Bagan, Myanmar
“I captured this epic selfie high in the sky from a hot air balloon. One morning my husband and I jumped in the hot air balloon to get the best view of Bagan.”
(check Hannah out on her Instagram for more great travel shots! She also has a great TWO WEEK itinerary for this location, available HERE.)

Captured By: Noemi at
Photo Location: Santorini, Greece
“I very rarely take a selfie but I guess, when you’re in the island of Santorini it’s mandatory. A tip for a great selfie, during sunset when almost everyone in the island is watching the sunset – go to the opposite side of the island where the sunset can’t be seen. You’ll be able to take great selfies without anyone behind you as they’re all too busy watching the sunset.”
Check out Noemi’s itinerary for this location HERE.

Captured By: Brian at
Location: Taj Mahal
Check out more of Brian’s shots HERE.


Captured By: Annette at 
Photo Location: Maya Bay, Phi Phi, Thailand.
“This photo was takenwhere they filmed one of my favorite films, The Beach, with the super dreamy Leo Dicaprio!”
Check out Annette’s itinerary for this location HERE. See more of her epic selfies on her Instagram.


Captured By: ME!
Photo Location: Main Tower, Frankfurt, Germany
“This selfie commemorated my first ever solo trip! It was so windy (middle of February) but I had an incredible view and couldn’t resist whipping out my selfie stick!” 


Captured By: Kristin at
“I went diving in the Similan Islands in Thailand, and was amazed by the sheer diversity and amount of marine life I saw. The underwater scenery was also stunning, with large uniquely-shaped boulders covered with corals, schools of fish swimming around them. The water was clear, blue, and warm. It was such an incredible experience and I took many photos and videos, including some selfies with my GoPro!”
Check out more awesome selfies on her Instagram HERE.

Captured By: Nam at

Location: Bohinj region, Slovenia.
“I took this on my hike up Mostnica Gorge, popping the camera on an elevated pile of rocks and setting it to self timer (this is my 4th shot!)”

Captured By: Another shot from Annette at
Location: Wat Pho in Bangkok
“I loved the beautiful colors and intricacies of the handpainted pagodas at Bangkok’s Wat Pho. While more people are impressed with the 150 feet Reclining Buddha, I couldn’t take enough pagoda selfies!
Check out Annette’s itinerary for this location HERE. See more of her epic selfies on her Instagram


Captured By: Brianna at
Location: Rockefeller Center, New York City
“This selfie was taken at the Top of the Rockefeller Center building in New York City. You can see the Empire State Building right behind me, and if you look far in the distance, you can see the Statue of Liberty as well!”


Captured By; My Boyfriend
Location: Paris, France
“Okay, so I think this may win for the most romantic selfie I personally have ever taken. And by me, I mean my boyfriend because his arms are longer than mine and he could get the Eiffel Tower in the background when I couldn’t. And yes, this took us a few shots to get!” 


Captured By: Jen at
Location: Breckenridge Ski Resort

Captured By: Katie at
Location: Mount Titlis in Switzerland
I confess, I am a huge fan of the selfie stick and bust it out unashamedly when I am traveling alone. This particularly selfie is one of my favorites because I was at the summit of Mount Titlis in Switzerland by myself completely in awe of the views in front of me. I could see frozen lakes and mountains frosted with snow for as far as my eyesight could reach and, even though it was freezing cold up there, I was having the time of my life. Before I knew it a snowstorm started rolling in. The winds were very strong and snow was being pelted in all directions. A few people in the area even had some of their items fly away at the mercy of mother nature. I knew I had to get a quick selfie before heading back in to wait out the storm so I go as close to the edge as I could, faced the area with the least amount of clouds, tried to protect my face from being whipped by the snow and snapped a few shots. You can’t see much of the view but each time I see the picture I remember the experience and think ‘man wasn’t that a fun day!’ 

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