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Frankfurt, Germany Layover Itinerary: 6 Hours

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Germany, I haven’t forgotten about you!! I mean, how could I with views like this;



This itinerary includes information and photos of:

Romerberg area (old city Frankfurt)
Main Tower
Zeil Galerie and Shopping Streets


Hauptewache —- Romerberg


Romerberg —- Main Tower


Main Tower —- Zeil Galerie


With almost 9 hours between flights, obviously I wasn’t just going to wait around in the airport! My 50 minute flight flew by (cheesy pun intended), and I soon found myself navigating my way through the Frankfurt airport, (somehow) stumbling onto the right train, and before I knew it, I was speeding towards the city that would be my first solo destination.


Getting from Frankfurt Airport to Downtown (Romerberg)

Directions for S8 and/or S9 train:

  • Hop on at Regionalbahnhof (located at Terminal 1 (one) in the airport)
  • You’re looking for the Offenbach Ost/Hanau direction train!
  • Ride for about 15 minutes and get off at HAPTEWACHE station

NOTE: The city center is also easily accessible by bus or taxi. The bus (called the AirLiner) stops at several terminals within the airport, will get you to the city center in 30 minutes and costs 16 euro for a return trip (airport-city-airport). Taxis will get you exactly where you need to be, and cost about 20 euro.

Navigating through European airports is so easy! Okay, maybe not every time, but that’s how it feels when you’re used to flying in Canada or America – because no borders mean hardly any security lines. Just walk right off the plane, through the airport and find a train to take you where you want to go!

Hopping off the plane, I fairly quickly and easily found signs that directed me to TERMINAL ONE, located inside the Frankurt airport (also referred to as Regionalbahnhof).

Finding everything “tourist” in Frankfurt proved to be really easy (especially after first being pointed in the right direction by a kind passer by – thank you, sir, whoever you are!!) After I realized where I was on my paper map (yes, I carry around a paper map), I realized something incredible…

Frankfurt is the best city to explore by foot!

And here’s why; everything I wanted to see (Romerberg area, Main Tower and MyZeil mall/shopping street) were all so close to each other!


MY FIRST STOP – ROMERBERG (old city center)

What to Know About Visiting the Romerberg area:

  • Everything is fairly close by (Hauptewache station, Main Tower, MyZeil, the shopping streets and the infamous Iron Bridge are all within a few minutes walk of the main area.)
  • There are a few souvenir shops, so take your time in choosing your gift(s)!
  • Heading into the area early in the morning? Good, because the place will be relatively quiet and is great for taking some photos by yourself without having a ton of strangers in them!

frankfurt travel pray love

Finding the old city center was super easy. Stepping out of Hauptewache station, you will see stairs that head downward (back to the metro), and beyond those stairs you will see the beginning of a shopping street. You should be able to spot an ESPIRIT store – and that’s the street you take to reach the Romerberg city center! (Again, thanks to that kind gentleman who stopped to help a very confused me while I was staring at my map…)


Wandering (fairly aimlessly) around the Romerberg district was absolutely amazing, and I suggest you have a fairly loose itinerary while visiting Frankfurt. Getting lost in the city was really fun, because everything was so beautiful and old, but I also knew I was still really close to the station (so I couldn’t be THAT lost.) There are also quite a few signs pointing in you the right directions if you get too carried away with your sightseeing.




Tips for Visiting the Frankfurt Skyline:

  • As you’ve noticed by the photo above, it gets WINDY up there, so be prepared for that!
  • There are a few places to sit up on the main observation desk and on the outer deck.
  • The price of admission to the Main Tower is 6.50 (six euro fifty), and it’s totally worth it, because it’s the highest vantage point in the city.
  • The opening hours vary based on season, but usually are from 8am until 8pm on the weekdays, and 10am until 4pm on the weekends.

Arriving at the Main Tower, I found myself zipping up to the top of the highest vantage point in Frankfurt. And the view was…obstructed largely by my hair, because oh…the wind!

After wiping the hair out of my eyes for the millionth time, I took in the view and it was all worth it…

Frankfurt, Germany www.travelpraylove.com



Tips For Seeing MyZeil Mall:

  • The mall has quite a few WiFi hot-spots and a lounge where you could relax with some food from the food court. There are chairs and couches (and they are comfortable!!)
  • Find all the lookout points! There are multiple views of the city and it’s stunning skyline from inside/observation decks…be sure to look at every view possible!

A girl’s gotta shop, and shop I did! Well, I ate an incredible burger, followed by glorious chocolate Hรคagen-Dazs ice cream…AND THEN I shopped. I came across the beautiful Zeil Galerie and was so impressed by it’s outward appearance (pictured below), and inside was almost as beautiful!

Frankfurt, Germany www.travelpraylove.com

*All photos shot using the
Canon PowerShot SX600 HSย 

Photo Gallery of Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt, Germany www.travelpraylove.com
Forever Lovelock
Frankfurt, Germany www.travelpraylove.com
More directions, anyone?
Frankfurt, Germany www.travelpraylove.com
Frankfurt, Germany www.travelpraylove.com
Zeil Mall
Frankfurt, Germany www.travelpraylove.com
Directions, anyone?





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21 thoughts on “Frankfurt, Germany Layover Itinerary: 6 Hours

  1. This is so funny..I just wrote a post about Frankfurt too =D It is quite a convinient city for a stopover, easy to reach and everything in walking distance =)

    And I had the same problems with the picture on the Main Tower ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. I love detailed itineraries like this! I think this is perfect for anyone who’s not allotted a good amount of days – super helpful! Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. I’m so glad you like it and found it helpful! I love doing quick short day trips sometimes, so it makes me happy to share them because we don’t always have a lot of time to see these beautiful cities! Thanks for reading! xx

  3. Sounds like a great layover. I always love having a layover long enough to explore a place! I intentionally booked a flight via Shanghai this year so I’d have enough time for a short exploration. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I know! I feel like people don’t take advantage of the layovers. Especially in Europe, it’s so easy to get from the airport to the city centers!
      Shanghai sounds incredible, I’ve never been! I can imagine a layover there would be a bit crazy but manageable!

  4. Yay! I was wondering if I’d have time to do a trip into the city with my layover tomorrow, and this is the perfect rundown. I need to copy everything down since I’m total crap with directions! Thanks for this ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Yay! I was wondering if I’d have time to do a trip into the city with my layover tomorrow, and this is the perfect rundown. I need to copy everything down since I’m total crap with directions! Thanks for this ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Such a great post :-). Itโ€™s a race against the clockโ€ฆ After reading this post, I should admit that Frankfurt is much better than its reputation and well worth a visit ! A walk around the city centre itself e.g. Zeil (great shops), the rebuilt medieval part and town hall (Rรถmer) . A walk along the river is also a nice way to pass the time, and much better than sitting in the airport ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. This is great – sometimes you don’t have weeks to spend getting to know a big city and 6 hours is all you get. I’m all about maximizing time, too, and wouldn’t want to spend all that time sitting around the airport!

  8. This is a great idea, as I live in the UK I don’t think it would ever be a layover for me but I would love to visit so some great ideas ๐Ÿ™‚

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