Fun in Frankfurt (Photo Diary)

Frankfurt is (to this day) one of my favourite cities to tour around in – and I’ve only spent SIX HOURS there! The first stop on my first ever solo adventure, Frankfurt blew my mind in such a short time. From the airport, I ventured with the train into the heart of the city. You can check out my FULL LAYOVER ITINERARY FOR FRANKFURT here.

My first stop was Romerberg, the most iconic area in Frankfurt. (You can obviously tell why – it’s so cute!)



I was there fairly early, around 8am.

Down side? Not a lot of the stores were open in the area.
Up side? NO PEOPLE!




Wandering around the area, I found plenty of photo opportunities! (And, since there weren’t many people around – I could take my time and be as silly as I wanted!)










My next stop was Main Tower – and the views were incredible from the top!



Next was a little bit of shopping at the MyZeil shopping center.



Although I only had SIX hours, the skies were grey and I didn’t get very far outside the main area of the city, I had an amazing time and got to see so many gorgeous things.


This was the perfect way to dip my toe into the SOLO ADVENTURING pool! I absolutely recommend visiting this city, and it’s so accessible from the airport if you’re wanting to do a layover adventure!


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