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The One With the Traveler’s Tricks (a FRIENDS themed travel guide)

Traveler’s always pick up some tips and tricks along the way. Things you’ll remember for your next trip to make it easier, or things you’ll never do again because it made your trip harder.

Here are my best, set to some memorable moments from the sitcom FRIENDS.


The One With the Passport Plan 

Having your passport valid for at least 5 years into the future is a great way to life. You can go anywhere for as long as you’d like! You might want to stay in Italy for a few months or you’ll find an amazing flight deal and you’ll spend weeks backpacking around Spain. Maybe you’ll fall in love and end up staying wherever you’ve traveled to. Life is crazy and amazing – so be prepared for it!

The One With the Computer-Bag CarryOn 

Instead of shoving your laptop into your carry on (and having to dig it out during security clearance) – why not travel with a computer bag? If you’re a woman – most airlines allow one personal item as well as your purse. Your computer bag can double as an “extra” carry on instead of you carrying more;

The One Where You Didn’t Know…

Research where you’re going!
The absolute worst feeling is coming home from a trip and someone saying;
“I went there, I absolutely loved the ______”.

Meanwhile; you’re like:

The One Where You Didn’t Understand (anything at all) 

You’re leaving for Spain in a week – you don’t have time to learn the entire Spanish language, but you can at least familiarize yourself with the essentials.
“Where is the nearest restroom?”
“I’ll have a glass of wine.”
“Please, let me out of your van.”

The One With the “I Need to Get Here” Save

 Brochures and business cards come in really handy when you’re in foreign country trying to explain to an 85 year old woman that you’re lost and need to find your hotel.

The One With the “Anything” Day. 

Planning a 5 day trip to Rome? If you have the budget for it, add in an additional 6th “anything” day. A day where you can go to a local beach or just spend some time in that pub you like. Sometimes we get so caught up in planning the trip, every day of it is packed with activities or tours and you can’t really relax. Taking an extra day to enjoy where you are will always be a great idea.

The One With The “Everything” Bag. 

As much as you want to be care-free and bagless on your trip, you DO need a bag for the essentials. Water, a snack, money, a credit card, your passport, a camera, maybe even a first aid kit. K and I often use my over-the-shoulder purse. It’s easy and light but seems bottomless when we need to hold things.


The One With That Comfort Assurance

 It’s always nice to look nice – especially when traveling and taking photos. A handy addition to your “everything” bag would be a secondary, comfortable pair of sandals or shoes.

The One With the “App” for That

Technology is fast becoming a traveler’s best friend. Cheap flight alerts, train timetables, airline apps – you name it, there is most likely an app for it.

The One With The Snack Save

Taking along a few sandwiches or granola bars can save lives. I’m kidding, but no one likes a hungry, grumpy traveler.


The One With the Back-Up Plan

Sometimes the hotel you were planning to stay at is booked full, there was a problem with your reservation or it actually doesn’t even exist anymore (yes, all 3 have happened to me.) Always have a back up hotel, motel or hostel in mind.

The One With the Currency Confusion 

Did you know in Belgium, there are places that still only accept Francs? Who knew that!? Not me.

It’s wise to research and have some cash in the proper currencies for each country you’re planning to visit before you leave your own country. Prior to your trip – visit a bank or currency exchange.


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