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How to Survive Travel Anticipation (Pre Travel Jitters)

We’ve talked before about how to survive the Post Travel Blues, but that travel anticipation…those PRE-travel jitters can make you just as crazy, am I right?! More specifically, that slow-as-molasses, dreadfully annoying week before your trip. Which, coincidentally for me, is this week.

I know you know what I’m talking about; you find yourself day-dreaming about your vacation and hoping no one notices you’re giving less than 16% at work because you’re so ready to get the hell out of there.

A mere week before I take my first solo, multi-country trip on my way back to Canada for a few weeks, I can feel that restless feeling kicking in. You know that feeling when you’re so close you can almost feel that airplane lift-off feeling? But alas; these next 7 days stand between me and freedom. (Not to sound too  dramatic…)

Jaimee Nicole

Here are some tips to quickly push through those last few days standing between you and your vacation.

  1. Over Working.
    Emerging yourself in your work is a (slightly crazy, completely successful) way of losing track of time and waiting out that week before your flight leaves. This will also make you feel less “guilty” for spending time away from work.

  2. Under Working.
    My preferred method (at least compared to the above stated tip), booking 4 or 5 days off work prior to your trip allows you to get lost in other things; household projects, preparing/packing/planning for your trip and, my personal favourite, Netflix-ing.

  3. Planning/Packing/Repacking
    This might seem like over-kill, but I pack and re-pack my luggage at least 4 times in the week leading up to my departure. Testing out the weight, re-thinking outfits based on the weather forecast, and changing up which suitcase colour I’d like to go with this trip (I have a million, different coloured suitcases, guys, I don’t think you understand…) Not only will you feel completely packed and ready to go when the time comes, you’ll feel confident in the choices you’ve made in packing, because you’ve been re-organizing your suitcases all week.

  4. Spending More Time With People/Pets
    Organizing special outings, dinner dates and movie nights with those people in your life you will be missing over the duration of your trip is actually a MUST DO in the week leading up to your departure. Spending time with your pets is also a pretty big must-do, at least for us! (No, it’s not weird to buy your cats new toys and special food to spoil them the week before you leave….is it?)

  5. Adjusting Your Sleep Schedule (If You Can)
    If you’re lucky enough to leave on a Monday morning or have managed to take tip #2 from this list and take some extra time off work prior to your departure, you also could take the luxury of adjusting your sleep schedule to the timezone of the country you’re heading to. This helps the week go by faster, as you’re sleeping through hours you’d normally be awake – and it really helps in avoiding jet-lag!



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