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Introduction to Pinterest for Your Travel Blog

Previously, I’ve written a post about how to keep steady blog numbers without feeling like you’re permanently glued to your laptop. In that post, I talked about using specific social media(s) that benefit your blog without draining all your time and energy.

6 months ago I would never have said Pinterest could be your number one source of traffic. And I definitely never would have said “I understand how to use Pinterest.” Because 6 months ago I had absolutely NO idea how to Pinterest, that it could be a huge benefit to my blog OR that it’s actually fun!

These days, I swear to you that Pinterest is one of my main sources of traffic, I absolutely love using this platform AND it’s relatively easy/doesn’t need to be time consuming.



Back in December, I’d say I went on my blog’s Pinterest account maybe once every few weeks to update pins and share a few things I found interesting. I never really put thought into the platform – I shared whatever I thought was interesting to whatever board I saw first. I never put much effort into creating visually interesting boards and I’d never even heard of vertical pins.

And it showed in my statistics.

Fast forwarding to July (last month), take a look at my views…


Granted, I am still a relatively new/improved Pinterest user and these statistics may be leagues below that of a more established blogger on Pinterest, but I am a HUGE fan of the boost I’ve seen in just a few months.

I managed to massively boost my Pinterest presence in a matter of 6 months, and I didn’t need to spend every day checking, posting and pinning.

These days, I am on Pinterest (for business purposes) for about 3 hours a week in total – spread out over the entire week.


Vertical pins are just what they sound like – “vertical”, longer pins – and yes, you do need them!

If you’re a blogger, you have no doubt heard and/or seen vertical pins all over Pinterest. When I first heard about making my pins vertical, my reaction was “really…? That sounds like a lot of work…”

And it was, at the time, but it has paid off!!

I use the easy photo editing platform of CANVA.COM to make all of my social media images (from Facebook banners and posts to Pinterest vertical pins). I absolutely recommend this website – using it is easy and fun!

Re-creating all of my pins (which at the time was almost 100) was a tedious task at times but it also gave me the opportunity to sort through pins and see which ones I actually wanted to have and which boards they should belong to in order to give my viewers the easiest/best pins.


Now that you know how to get your Pinterest on the right track, it’s time to take a look at what this boost has meant for my blog and how you can drive traffic to your blog through your ever-growing, new and improved Pinterest account.


In the last 90 days, you can see that my Pinterest account has actually been the NUMBER ONE source of traffic to this blog. Over 100 points above Facebook (which is my favourite social media platform ,where I spend most of my time/energy). Pinterest has been such a huge influence on this blog since I started to care for my Pinterest page, and I only put a few hours a week into it!

  • Not being active enough. If you only use Pinterest a few times a month and don’t participate in any threads, group boards or regularly update your own boards – your followers are going to GET BORED.
  • Being too active (in a short amount of time) – especially if you have your Pinterest account attached to another social media account (such as twitter). I tend to go a little Pinterest crazy sometimes, pinning 10-20 things to different boards within half an hour. This is not smart – because all of those pins get tweeted as well, and that’s just a lot of tweets in a row (which tends to turn readers off!)
  • Playing the follow/unfollow game. We all know what you’re doing and it’s bullshit not helping you or us.
  • Pinning things to wrong boards or too many times. Please be sure to only pins things to relevant boards (especially if they are shared/group boards), because you want your Pinterest to have a certain flow to it so people are encouraged to search around instead of just pinning one pin.
  • Having your profile look messy. ORGANIZE your boards in a way that’s easily viewed and understood. I used to just pin all different kinds of things to different boards without giving it much thought – and that’s a huge NO-NO. A lot of bloggers have a “BEST OF” board or a “BLOG POSTS” board that can lead viewers to pins that are attached to your best posts on your blog.
  • Not using (or at least looking at) your Pinterest analytics. YES- those are a thing. It seems like everything has it’s own analytics these days, but all for good reasons. You can see which pins are driving traffic to your blog, which pins are being liked and pinned and which pins aren’t doing so hot. From there, you can determine “Oh, I should create more pins like this one because it’s gotten a lot of positive feedback…”

  • I pin things from other bloggers TO THE APPROPRIATE BOARDS ON MY PROFILE.
    Using the right boards, with the right titles and descriptions is so important!! Allowing your viewers to easily look for, find and view pins based on geographical area or travel topic is essential for driving up views.
  • I find new/interesting people to follow that are relevant to what I like to post.
  • I participate in Pinterest travel blog threads on various travel blogger groups. There are a ton of Pinterest threads where you can see/save/pin other people’s pins and they will do the same for you. This is a great way to not only see and share new material from other bloggers, but to have your pins reach a different/larger audience.
  • I pin my pins to group boards (where/when applicable). Properly utilizng and participating in group boards can be a huge plus for your Pinterest, and is (again) a cool way to find interesting posts from other bloggers.
  • I share my pins to Twitter. The option to share the pins that you pin to another platform (either Twitter or Pinterest) is such a cool thing that I totally underestimated. Having your Pinterest pin show up in your Twitter newsfeed is a great way to share your Pinterest things with those who follow your Twitter, too. Not only that, but if you’re sharing other people’s pins to your Twitter (and tagging them), that will also drive up interactions on more than just your Pinterest account.
  • I re-create my own pins if I’ve grown tired of them or find other designs that I like.
    Sometimes all you need to do is to switch it up! A pin of mine (about a post that I thought was really interesting) wasn’t getting as much traffic as I thought it should be – so I spent a few minutes on CANVA and re-designed the whole vertical pin. After having it on my Pinterest for a week, I started to notice more clicks and views to it than before.
  • I re-arrange my boards on my profile.
    Although this shouldn’t be done very frequently (to avoid confusing your viewers), sometimes (again) it’s nice to switch things up and put your “most popular boards” of that month near the front of your profile.
  • I check my stats. 
    Although I’m not a huge fan of constantly checking your statistics on all the different platforms (because that can cause you to have a 4am meltdown…), it is absolutely something you need to be doing at least every few weeks. Sometimes it’s really important to see what you’re doing right, and more importantly what you’re doing wrong. Checking your stats to see which pins are trending and which are fading might help you in the long run.

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If you found this post pinteresting enough, I will be doing another soon on RICH PINS. Stay tuned (and I promise I won’t make any more Pinterest jokes like that one…)

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    1. Haha, no worries girl, I didn’t really explain them well! 😉 threads are usually found on Facebook and it’s one of those things where you put in the pin you want people to re-pin and then you have to re-pin 10 others or something like that. It’s really cool to see what other people are pinning and get your pins noticed! There’s a great one in the Drifters Unite travel blogger group on Facebook and there is actually a Pinterest for Travel Blogs group on Facebook that you can join and I think they actually have Pinterest threads every single day of the week!

  1. This is so helpful, thank you! Three hours a week sounds doable as well as its so difficult not to stretch yourself too thinly on all the different elements that make up blogging.

    1. I totally feel you. I gave up Instagram to focus on Pinterest because I couldn’t handle all of the different social media accounts – it’s crazy when you have to run around updating all over the place AND travel at the same time trying to have fun and live in the moment as much as you can! I found that Instagram really didn’t help my blog in any way and it was a huge time drainer.

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