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“What Kind of Blog Even Is This?”

So, throughout the lifetime of this blog (2014 until now), the focus of my writing has shifted depending on what I’m going through.

The blog first started as a long distance relationship journal; I talked a lot about what it’s like to be in a long distance relationship, how to maintain your relationship when you’re living apart and I smashed some long distance relationship myths along the way.

Then, as my Belgian and I started seeing each other more and more, the blog focused on travel. How to search for good flights as a newbie, when the best time to fly is, etc.

Because we couldn’t keep the long distance thing going forever, my writing started to focus on what I was going through applying for different visas to stay in Belgium, applying for our common law status, being sent home after living together for a year, etc.

Once all the visa stuff had settled and we were a ‘normal’ couple living together, we explored some more and I ventured a bit into female solo travel enough to realize it wasn’t for me (but it was incredible nonetheless).

Then something big happened. We decided to have a baby. 

We talked a lot about what country to have our baby in and let me tell you – THAT was a conversation. Because it really determined where our home base for the next 20 or so years would likely be. Of course, it’s possible we would move at some point with our baby, but we ultimately decided to try to conceive a baby while we are living full-time here and planned to raise the baby here in Belgium.

Then the blog started to focus a bit on pregnancy, what it was like to be pregnant in Belgium as an expat, how to keep my Canadian family involved in our pregnancy, my fears and how to prepare for our new baby.

Giving birth to our son in December of 2016, this blog took yet another turn into motherhood as an expat woman. Being a mom is tough but being a mom in a foreign country is insane sometimes. I have a wonderful support system here with mom-friends and my Belgian, but navigating mom-hood without my best friend (my sister) able to see my son grow up every day is difficult.

NOW…here we are.
So what is this blog actually about now?

Well, this has always been a space where I can write about my life.

And sometimes that doesn’t fit into a specific niche or category because our lives change over the years and we go through different things.

I write with a purpose of sharing my experiences in hopes that anyone dealing with similar things can learn from my adventures (and my mistakes) and watch us grow as an international family. .

So, what is this blog?

An expat mom's view on life, love and family abroad. Click To Tweet

(AKA, a bit of everything). 

I hope it’s not confusing to you to see posts that can range from buying a house as an expat to travel itineraries (when we start to travel again).

This is just where I write about my crazy, un-coordinated life and I am so thankful to each and every one of you who take the time to read about it, comment on my stuff and even send me emails sharing your story.

Thank you for being here with me every step of the way from long distance love advice to buying a house in Belgium –
the last few years have been truly incredible and I loved sharing them with you.  

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