Living Water Resort and Spa: Collingwood, Ontario (+ Hot Stone Massage Review)

Our first family vacation was a huge success – my boyfriend got to know my family a lot better, my family got to meet our 5 month old son and my man spent a few days letting me be pampered during our stay at Living Water Resort in Collingwood, Ontario.

This resort is available all year long, and we decided to make the most of the off season travel by booking a two day stay in the middle of May.

Located in Collingwood, Ontario – the resort is just minutes away from the iconic Blue Mountains ski village.


The room/apartment was clean and came with tons of amenities (listed below). I was a little disappointed that the water slide in the pool area wasn’t open and that the open fitness room seemed locked every time I passed by – but those are minor things and may be attributed to our being there during the off season (MAY).

WHAT’S CLOSE BY: There are many beaches close by to choose from because you’re along the coast line of Ontario. Wasaga Beach is actually one of the biggest beaches in Canada.

You are also very close to the mountains (and as a result are very close to tons of other hotels, spas and classic restaurants.

We decided to make the 3 hour drive from my mom’s house to the resort a little road trip, taking us a day to get there. We left in the morning and arrived at the resort by early evening – stopping along the way to see some really beautiful places along the western coast of Ontario.

The touristy Southampton; with it’s cute shopping street that leads straight to the water.

The rustic town of Owen Sound; a quick stop at Inglis Falls to look around and find a quiet place to breastfeed.

The quaint town of Meaford; a longer lunch stop at a kids park right on the beach.

Then, we arrived. This resort is so close to the iconic Blue Mountain area of Collingwood, and within walking distance of stores like Walmart and Target (where we were able to pick up some meals to make in our rental apartment).

The resort backs right up onto the water and, because it’s also a living condo area, there is a little marina for people who own boats. It’s lovely to watch the sunrise over the marina and endless rippling water.

The room (or apartment, I should say) was spacious, equipped with a kitchenette, full master bed and bath, living room and balcony. Some of the amenities included dish washer, washer/dryer, oven, fridge and toaster.

Some of the best parts of the resort were outside the room! Their hot tub and pool lounging area was a lot of fun – although we were sad the water slide wasn’t running either of the days we were there.

Our 5 month old son was able to enjoy his first swim in this big, warm pool!

Other incredible services this resort offers are:

  • gym/fitness spaces
  • arcade
  • juice/tea room
  • tv lounge(s)
  • rooftop sunbathing areas

BUT the most amazing part of this resort, I would say, is the spa in the hotel.

I enjoyed a 30 minute hot stone massage and it was absolutely wonderful.

Checking into the spa, I was given some spa sandals and a robe, and asked to wait for my massuese in the lounge – where I was also offered complimentary drinks of tea, juice or citrus water. The lounge area itself was peaceful, quite and comfortable.

The massage itself was absolutely incredible. My masseuse was very kind, calm and caring, and was very good at her job – with just the right level of silence and conversation added into the mix.

A hot stone massage comes in 30/90/160 minute sessions and I highly recommend it (even as a starter massage for those who don’t have a lot of spa experience.)

Laying on the heated table, the massage begins with your hands, then moves on to your feet and legs, then up to your back, neck and shoulders. Each area that is finished gets a warm little rock places on it. By the time you’re done, you’re covered in smooth, warm rocks laying on a heated table and you feel so comfortably and cozy you could just fall asleep right there.




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