Long Distance Relationship Problems

We’ve written about the positives of long distance, and shared our story with you – but we’ve never actually discussed the negatives of long distance before.

Honestly, it’s a tough thing to write about, because who likes to think about all those negative things?

But now that we’ve made it through the distance, we’ve compiled a list of all those annoying, frustrating and ridiculous problems we had to face during our 3 years of distance.

Now, obviously we had to add a little positivity to the post, so we’ve added some of our best tips at the bottom.

LDR Problems We’ve All Had to Deal With;

Internet Connection
Those nights where you have to move around your house with your laptop trying to get a good connection. And those mornings when you’re greeted with the internet bill that’s way more then you thought it’d be.

Flight Costs
That extra “flight to see him” section of your budget and the overwhelming desire to disable your cable so you can add a little more to that pile every month.

The Crash After the High
You have an amazing 3 weeks of laughing, real dates, and sex.
Then you have 9 months to fall apart before seeing them again.
This constant roller coaster is definitely NOT okay.

The Immigration Situation
Just. No.

The “Eventually” of Everything
Every relationship milestone takes 17x longer when you’re in a long distance relationship, and that sucks.

The Judgement
The amount of times I’ve been asked if I’m worried that he’s cheating on me, how I could possibly trust him or been told that it won’t work – is ridiculous.
Just fucking be happy for me.

Plus One (but not really)
Attending weddings, family events and even your own college graduation without your trusty partner by your side majorly sucks.

The Countdowns
Never has 10 days felt so long EVER.
What even is time?

The Bandwagon Effect
Everyone is either judging you or suddenly very interested in your relationship and constantly asking about it.
Everyone knows you’re dating “that guy from Belgium” and your life just got 100x more interesting to them.

Here or There? 
Who is moving?
When we get married are we having the wedding in my country or yours?
When we have children, where will we raise them?
What nationality will they be? (And about 17 other different ‘here or there’ questions that we immiediately start thinking about within the first weeks of the relationship.)

In or Out
After your first meet up, you basically have to decide right then if you’re in or out. Long distance relationships are pretty serious and involve a lot of dedication, comittment and strength.
It’s not really a “I like him, we’ll see where this goes” thing.

Let’s Celebrate! Oh wait, we can’t.
Like we said before – celebrating birthdays, anniversarys and any other events by yourself is one of the worst!
Instead of having actual date night, you’re at home doing this;

The Lifestyle Change
Closing the distance is such a great feeling, but it kind of stings when closing the distance means leaving your family, friends and career.
I mean, of course we do it because that’s what we’re all working towards, but being a 23 year old, career-less immigrant with a dwindling savings account isn’t exactly awesome.


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