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Long Distance Relationship Real Talk


Long distance relationship are hard, guys. Really, really hard. And to be honest, there are almost always times when you have doubts, think things you probably shouldn’t or even reconsider the whole relationship (even if it’s just a fleeting thought).

These are some of the most real, raw things that someone in a long-distance relationship may think at some point…

“When we meet in person – how does this go? Do we kiss? Hug? Awkwardly handshake while both wanting to jump each other?”

The first meeting is something both people think about – yes, even men stress about the first meet. Women waste 3 hours trying to find the perfect airport-meet outfit and men load up on the bodyspray and hastily spend $12 on airport mints before checking through security.


“Do they talk about me to their friends/parents?”

Even though it’s kind of difficult to explain your online relationship to certain people, we all secretly hope their friends and family know a little about us before we actually meet them.


“I can’t tell people I met him on Omegle/Chat Roulette.”

Although we’ve all had this thought, meeting your significant other online these days is not that uncommon and nothing to be ashamed of. Being in a relationship or “seeing” someone who you haven’t met yet isn’t something to be ashamed of.


“Am I ready for this?”

No one enters a long distance relationship carelessly. LDR life is really emotional and difficult and trust me – you have to be ready. You might have to quit your job, you might move to another country, you might have to learn another language. All of those things are possibilities now, on top of the commitment to one other person.


“This is stupid, I’m packing my bags and following him.”

At some point we have all muttered these words during a painful goodbye or a late Saturday night home alone with your cat.


“Maybe we are being unrealistic..”

So many times, especially in the beginning, we are told by outsiders (friends, family, strangers even) that we are unrealistic or foolish for thinking a long distance relationship can work. After so many negative comments, it’s normal for them to start getting to you.


“What is the safest way to send inappropriate photos?”

The struggle is real.


“What if when we finally live together, we can’t stand each other?”

This is a person that you’ve probably only seen a handful of times and spent maybe a month or two with them during that time. One of the biggest steps for LDR couples is living together, because there is a lot of pressure. You’re uprooting your life to move to another state, province or country to live with them, and if you don’t know other people in that place, they are really your only company in the beginning.


“I really don’t want to be the one who moves..”

In the beginning, I can’t even stress how often I had this thought – and K admits he did too! In the beginning of your relationship, it’s obvious that AT SOME POINT one of you will have to move countries or provinces and you’re both desperately hoping the other will volunteer.



“I actually like that he is far away sometimes…”

Sometimes I haven’t had time to shave my legs in 6 days and just want to order greasy take out and binge watching Netflix in my flannel pajamas – and I’d like not to be watched while I do that.


“He would never cheat on me…right?”

Distance tests faith in each other, that’s for sure. When you see each other for maybe 2 or 3 months out of the year or less, it’s really easy for your mind to wander and question things. Even the two most in love and faithful people can have questions or doubts, it’s totally normal.


“What even is time!? Who actually invented days?”

This is a common thought when doing the countdowns to seeing each other again. Never in my life has 10 days felt so long, it actually makes me question the definition of time and space.



Self-explanatory rage fit on your internet provider.


“I miss you, but I really don’t want to skype today because I look like I just crawled out of a hole.”

Even when you’re completely comfortable around each other, Skype has a way of making you look awful. “Can we just talk on the phone?”


“It’s our anniversary and I’m alone so yes, I’m going to eat this entire box of chocolate. ” 

Spening your anniversary alone is the absolute worst, so do whatever you can do make it suck a little less.


“Maybe I should send him something? What is a non-cheesy mail gift?”

Figuring our snail-mail and what to get your long distance love is tough – my boyfriend and I have sent things from letters and photos to candy and video games.

“This is actually kind of fun.”

Travelling, sending photos to each other, staying up late to Skype with them, getting mail from them – our relationship is so exciting!



“I miss them.”
*purchases spur of the moment plane ticket that costs more than my car*

Might as well get some nice new clothes, because I’m sad and need to look cute.
This happens to me more often then I’d like to admit.



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