Long Distance Relationships

Everything LDR can be found here! Frustrations, tips, tricks and the benefits (yes – there are benefits!) of being in a long distance relationship.

How My Long Distance Relationship Changed My Lifestyle & View of the World

I started living healthier, budgeting smarter and living a better life once I realized that with a few little paychecks from my minimum wage job, I could be flying across an ocean to spend 2 weeks with him. Here’s how my 2 years of long distance changed my lifestyle for the better (in more ways than you think!)


GUEST POST: Quirky Pineapple – Finding Love Abroad 

In this guest post by The Quirky Pineapple writer Cassandra, she explains how a friend she made as soon as she moved abroad slowly became more than that and how they make their relationship work long distance.




How to Decide Where to Have a Baby If You’re Living Abroad

Moving to Belgium for my LDR, we eventually decided to start a family – and the difficult decision was which country our baby would be born in (and be a citizen of). This is how we made our choice…

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Guest Post: How I Survived an 8 Year Long Distance Relationship

A guest post by Itinera Magica writer Alexandra recanting the story of her 8 year long distance relationship with a German.



How to Survive Long Distance After Living Together

The hardest part of our relationship was moving apart after almost a year of living together.

Long Distance Relationship Problems

Bad internet connections, calculating time differences and attempting to
find the safest way to send photos because lets face it; we have to keep the romance alive!

How We Handled Our Immigration Process as a Couple

The immigration process was super stressful for us, and that kind of stress takes
a toll on any relationship. This is how we got through together, in one piece.


LDR Real Talk – What It’s REALLY Like to Be Long Distance

These are thoughts EVERY LDR couple has had, and they are totally normal!


Our Immigration Process – Common Law Visa (Belgium) IN FULL

Describing our process of obtaining a common-law visa in Belgium.


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6 Rules on Moving Abroad for Love

Moving abroad can be stressful, but when you’re doing
it for love – things can get even more complicated.
Here is how to survive the move with your relationship still in tact.

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