The First Year of Motherhood Described in Hilariously Accurate GIFs

A no-bullshit, raw, un-cut, blunt and totally hilarious re-telling of your first year as a mom.

When you leave the hospital and realize you won’t have the help of nurses or your midwife…

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Parks and Rec


Trying to get baby to latch

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When you have to get up with the┬ábaby at 3am to nurse your baby – and your husband is snoring in the bed next to you.

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but also this

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When those post-partum hormones come on out of f*cking no where.

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What is happening!?

and then…

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The mom-rage is real AF.




The first time your baby gets hurt.

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Danger is all around us!





When your husband doesn’t understand the concept of whispering and wakes the baby.

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That 70s Show



When someone touches your baby or baby stroller without asking

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Don’t touch my baby, okay.




The first time you and your husband have energy after baby goes to bed

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We are powering through!


When someone gives you unsolicited parenting advice

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Not listening at all.




When your baby refuses to nap…

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Seriously. Go to sleep.




When you’ve tried everything and baby is still crying…

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The Office


When you get home from your kid’s 9 month check up and they are “eating too often” or “below average”.

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Bad Moms




When your baby has a diaper blowout in public.

Related image




The first time you go out with your mom-tribe without babies or husbands

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Bad Moms



When your husband thinks it’s happening tonight but you’re so exhausted you can’t even…

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When your baby wakes up at 4am for the 6th day in a row.

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Gilmore Girls


When your baby wakes up at 4am for the 15th day in a row…

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The Office




When one of your mom-tribe feels like a train-wreck.

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When your husband successfully puts the baby to bed for one night, you’re like…

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When your baby takes their first steps (and they are growing up and someday they are going to move out and get married and have their own family and only come visit you once a month and you can’t stop thinking about how they aren’t your little baby anymore)

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