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10 Reasons to Plan a Romantic Weekend in Bruges, Belgium

Bruges, Belgium…a city of love? With other romantic destinations rather close by (such as the iconic romance capitol Paris, only a few short hours or less away), many people might ask why Bruges should be considered a romantic place.

If you’ve ever BEEN to the wonderful city, I don’t need to answer that question because it’s obvious. For those who haven’t been to “the Venice of the North”, here are 10 solid reasons why Bruges, Belgium is a great spot for a romantic weekend away with your sweetheart.

10. The Castles

With more castles per square inch than any other country, around 50 of Flanders’ castles in the are based around Bruges. What says “fairytale romance” better than walking around an ancient castle with your knight/princess by your side?

9. The Lace and Specialty Shops

While the city is most known for it’s beer, chocolate and canal tours; many don’t know that Bruges is famous for it’s lace fabric. In fact – Bruges has been known to make some of the most luxurious lace in the world.

8. The Names of The Places Within the City

Taking a stroll around Minnewater lake (Lake of Love) or hopping on a horse and carriage ride within the park itself – all of these cute little areas within the city scream (or gently whisper) “romance”.

7. The Chocolate

While chocolate is famous in the whole of Belgium, taking a tour of Choco-Story (the chocolate museum) in Bruges, you will dive into the world of chocolate (and even get to share a sample or two together). This is definitely a great place to start a romantic evening, and will have you in the romantic mood in no time.

6. The View from The Belfry (Bell Tower)

After your tour of the chocolate museum or a nice stroll through MInnewater park, you can make your way over to the Belfry and climb the 366 steps to the top. Now, you’re probably thinking “yes, I will get all sweaty and out of breath…how romantic….” Once you peer over the side and gaze upon the absolute beauty of Bruges from above (perhaps while resting against your partner to regain your strength) and you will forget just how many steps you climbed to get there.

5. The Medieval History

Many of Bruges’ medieval buildings, including the Church of Our Lady (whose bricks reach 401.25 ft) might not seem very romantic. “Oh yes, an old, tall building…how sweet…” But just hold on a minute…staring up at that Church, realizing that you and your partner are standing where hundreds of years of history has taken place…you tell me that doesn’t make you appreciate each other just a little more?

4. The Photo-Ops

Even if you’re not a couple who likes to have their photo taken, you just might make an exception in Bruges! Minnewater Park, the Belfry, the city center, the canals or any of the cities cute-sie bed and breakfasts will have you posing for those photos you see on Facebook that you’re usually rolling your eyes over. Embrace the “we’re on vacation, let’s take a million cute photos together” urge!

3. The Hotels/Bed and Breakfasts

Although we have never stayed in a hotel in Bruges, this TripAdvisor list of romantic places to stay in Bruges is definitely something you should bookmark (and maybe leave open for your signifant other to see…) Although we live fairly close to Bruges, staying at a romantic B&B or hotel in the city is something I hope to do sometime this year (hopefully before our baby comes in December!)
I simply must experience it! Indulging yourself in a champagne breakfast after a romantic night in your B&B, you’re sure to be well-rested and rejuvinated enough to enjoy the what the city has to offer!

2. The Canals

Taking a romantic ride along the canals of Bruges is such a wonderful way to spend a sunny afternoon with the love of your life. Even if the weather isn’t on your side, the cool breeze might be a good enough reason to snuggle up close to each other and enjoy the sights of the city.

1. The Christmas Markets

While the Christmas markets are a seasonal perk of the city, if you’re lucky enough to plan a romantic visit to the city during the Christmas holidays you will most definitely have a merry Christmas. Holding each other while you attempt to ice skate in the city centre, sipping warm hot chocolate or wine, and watching the sparkly Christmas lights while walking along the cobblestoned markets hand in hand; nothing says romantic like a Christmas in Bruges, Belgium.


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