Solo Travel to a Romantic Destination?

Indulging myself (and by that, I mean completely devouring) a creamy and decadent desert while staring at the Vienna skyline, I realized something strange…Vienna, despite what people might think, is a bit of a romantic destination. And something just as strange; I was so happy to be here, all alone.

Here I was, sipping my tea and enjoying my desert, and out of the corner of my eye, I catch a glimpse of a couple cuddling in the booth in front of me. I look around some more, and sure enough, I am able to spot a few more couples…laughing, touching, kissing. Sitting there by myself in the Danube tower, shoveling what I am now sure is a desert for two into my mouth, I realized another thing;  I was really happy to be in this romantic place by myself.

Traveling so close to Valentine’s Day, I was sure to see some smiling couples. I had even braced myself for my own mood swings, because it had been 2 weeks since seeing my boyfriend. But surprisingly, my whole day in Vienna flew happily by and I reveled in my solitude.

I would say my first ever solo trip was a success, and although there were some surprising things I learned by traveling alone,  I learned a very important thing about solo adventure-seekers…

Most solo-travelers are (for the most part) content with themselves. Obviously travelers meet other travelers, and not every solo-traveler spends all their time alone, but they are able to do it…and I think that’s something we all need to be able to do.

Think about it; if you’re traveling alone, you learn to be be confident and truly content with yourself. You just have you. There’s no one telling you where to go, no one to “bail you out”, no one to depend on you and no one to be dependent on…you’re just out there, doing things for/by yourself. Even if you’re not quite in that “confident” place yet, traveling by yourself (especially in a “romantic” setting”) will definitely get you there!

Being alone, eating alone, navigating through town alone, getting lost alone, finally arriving at your destination alone… all of that should make you feel confident. I might even go as far as saying you should feel sexy – because there is nothing sexier then confidence.


Believe it or not, visiting a romantic destination by yourself might just fill you with a surprising emotion; happiness!  Actually enjoying life alone is something not everyone feels comfortable enough to do, and I think that’s a shame.

I’m not saying I want to be single and alone forever, because I don’t. I really enjoy the company of others, and I really don’t know how I would adjust if I had to live without my boyfriend…but I know I could do it if I had to. I know that I could be all by my lonesome and I would still be able to laugh. I would still be able to find happiness because it’s something that’s already in me.


One of the biggest reasons I love traveling alone is that I love spoiling myself and I love how independence makes me feel.
That’s the biggest reason I loved my long distance relationship, and that’s how my confidence and independence sky-rocketed. Yes, obviously living with my boyfriend on another continent was rough, but it also forced us each to have our own lives instead of diving into each other and losing sight of ourselves.

And what’s a better reason to indulge and spoil yourself then being in a romantic destination, close to Valentine’s day, by yourself?!

Sitting in that Viennese cafe, treating myself to THE most decadent desert I’ve ever, while staring at the mountains; sure, I’d have loved to share that with my boyfriend. But he wasn’t there with me, and that made it even more spectacular to me.

Vienna Austria

Visiting a romantic destination alone doesn’t have to be lonely. In that moment, staring at that beautiful thing, you should feel complete; because you are. You are a complete person all by yourself. There is no “better half” of you. There is no “other side” of you. It’s just you.

And that’s what traveling alone really shows you…you are enough. 

You don’t need a job, a spouse or children. You don’t need money, a nice car or a low-interest mortgage. When you travel alone, it makes you thankful for YOUR life and these magnificent moments in that life that you made happen for yourself.




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2 thoughts on “Solo Travel to a Romantic Destination?

  1. I am also in a ‘long distance’ relationship but it’s made me realise that it’s SO important to have your own life and things- just gives you more to talk about at the end of the day, doesn’t it? 🙂

    1. It really does! And it helps you get through the distance because you’re not completely immersed in the other person. You got your own stuff going on, and that makes the time go faster, I think. 🙂 Good luck with your LDR, I know it’s rough!

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