4 Things That Surprised Me About Solo Travel

My first ever multi-country trip was also my first solo adventure; and it was amazing! I’m definitely not claiming to be a guru of lonesome travel after a little 2 week trip, but dipping my toes into the solo-travel waters proved to be awesome.

Vienna Austria

There were quite a few things that surprised me about traveling alone, though. I, like everyone else, have heard so much about solo travel (what to do, what not to do), but it was nice to experience it for myself.

The MOST surprising thing I’ve learned about solo traveling is that I think I love it. I’m a really anxious home-body who needs daily re-assurance of her boyfriend’s (and her cats’) adoration. So, spending 2 weeks away from them, during which time I ventured out to big cities in two different countries; I was pleasantly surprised that I had such an amazing time.

GUESS WHAT! Solo travel doesn’t have to just be for the boldest and the bravest travelers. You don’t have to be a full time thrill seeker to have fun on a solo adventure!

These are some of the other surprising things I realized about traveling alone;


  • It tends to be LESS stressful then traveling in a group.
    For me, navigating my way through an unknown city with other people is super stressful and I have a ton of anxiety because of it. Meanwhile, traveling solo, navigating my way through both Frankfurt, Germany and Vienna, Austria was really peaceful and even kind of fun. It’s nice to know no one is depending on you.

  • It can be way more expensive.
    I tend to spend more money when no one is around, I’ve learned. Splurging on expensive deserts, treating myself to cultural delicacies or taking a cab instead of walking are all things I’m guilty of doing on a solo adventure.

  • It’s not at all scary.
    I’ve heard so many stories about women traveling alone and how scary it can be; and I admit, I was only alone in each city for a day (I’m hardly a veteran’d solo traveler); but I felt very confident by myself. I wasn’t at all suspicious or nervous of my surroundings or the people in it. I was safely just minding my own business; headphones in, exploring the world.

  • It’s a HUGE confidence boost
    Exploring a new city, headphones in, camera at the ready…it’s seriously empowering stuff.


Have you ever traveled solo?

What surprised you most about your adventure?


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  1. Jaimee, I’ve met a lot of solo female travelers who said exactly the same thing you’ve mentioned in this post.. Especially the empowering and expensive part 🙂

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