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8 Ways to Make Your Home Abroad Really Feel Like Home

Moving to another country takes a lot more effort than you’d think! Between actually physically getting all of your things to your new country and finding the proper visa documents – sometimes we forget to actually build our lives! MAKE FRIENDS (AND ACTUALLY SEE THEM!) Making friends is really hard, guys. It’s so funny how when we are children, making…

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How to Move Abroad (Without Losing Your Independence)

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I’ve written a post similar to this a long time ago, called How to Move to Another Country (Without Losing Yourself). This is one of my most popular posts to date, and I think it’s because moving to another country changes your life. Sometimes (the times you read about on blogs like this), it’s for the better. You become more…

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Top 5 Expat Destinations in Europe

This is a guest post written by Currency UK. Currency UK is more than just a way to transfer funds overseas – check out their Expat section for great advice about starting your expat life. They hope to be there with you every step of the way!  When it comes to upping sticks and moving abroad, many of us are rather tentative…

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Expat Guide: 6 Ways to Break Out of the Expat Rut

EXPAT RUT (sinking hole of unadventurousness); definition – when the excitement of a new country fades and you start to spend an increasing amount of time on your couch interacting with 2D television people instead of venturing out into the world of 3D real people. Being an expat is fun and exciting and adventurous – and then it just turns…

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Moving Abroad Series: Gina from HowToStepMom

Gina, from HowtoStepMom, moved from Rotterdam (Holland) to British Columbia (Canada) to live with her then boyfriend/now husband and his 2 kids. Not only did she need to adjust to expat life, but she also became a step-mom in the process!! Gina is a lover of design (without the funds), an amateur first-time gardener (hoping not to kill all her…

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