Everything You Need to Know About Flying Alone with Baby

Also known as: How to Lose as Little of Your Mind (And Belongings) As Possible While Flying Alone With Baby This summer, I’ve taken 4 flights with my son. For the first two, my boyfriend was with us, the last two, I was flying alone with our son. Baby’s first flight went so much smoother than we imagined. The return…

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7 Things You Will Learn In Your First 7 Weeks as a Mom

Christmas Eve 2016, we welcomed our baby boy into the world. The 7 weeks since then have been an absolutely life-changing, amazing roller coaster. Becoming a parent is hard. Really, really, hard. And no book on earth can explain what it’s really like. But, before you go buy a Costco-size pack of contraceptives – let me tell you this…it’s also…

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