Travel Inspiration: Why Not Now?

I know what you’re thinking; “I’d love to travel, but…”

I’m just going to stop you right there. Let me tell you something that none of us like to say out loud; most likely, the only reason you haven’t traveled, is you. You’re standing in your own way! Money, relationships, work, children, pets…anything can and will get in your way if you let it.

Whatever your reasons against exploring this beautiful earth; it’s not a good enough one. Seeing the world can open your eyes in a way you can’t really explain until it’s happened to you. Seeing how people all over the world live, breathing in the air on the other side of the world – travel is something worth fighting for.

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We make it more complicated because for some reason, we feel like traveling is a “guilty pleasure.” Something we should put in the background. Something we do every “once and a while” to take a break from life. Well, you wouldn’t need a break from your life if your life was everything you wanted it to be. If you want to travel, then travel.

You can probably find a million reasons not to take that city trip by yourself. There are probably more reasons not to take that all inclusive vacation. But the only reason to do those things, the one reason that matters the most – is because you WANT to.

We spend too much of our lives doing what we “should” do, what we “need” to do. We spend too much time saving, too much time worrying – not enough time living.

“Don’t travel alone” we’re told.  
Well, traveling alone is probably the biggest, boldest and most independent thing you can ever do. It will teach you to still your mind and your heart, and how to believe in yourself.

“Save money for a rainy day” we’re told.
Saving money for rainy days is a good (safe) idea, but going overboard with that can lead to a really boring life. What good is all that money if you never allow yourself to have some fun with it? Saving is a great idea, but often times we use the “I need to save money” excuse because we are too guilty to indulge ourselves even a little bit. You deserve a little indulgence! Working 50 weeks of the year and taking those last few weeks off to fly to Aruba really isn’t something you should feel bad about.  Saving money for a rainy day usually means being stuck inside with your full piggy bank while the sun shines and other people enjoy life.

“Work is more important” we’re told.
Work should only come first if you want it to, because no one decides your priorities in your life but you. There will always be work.

“Family needs you around” we’re told.
And lastly, if your family is really your family, they will teach you to reach for the stars and follow your dreams, wherever on this beautiful earth that takes you.

“It’s harder to travel when you have children” we’re told.
Because I don’t have children (yet), it would be easy to write me off here; “she doesn’t know.”  I might not know what it’s like to have a child yet, but, I do know what I don’t want for my child. I don’t want my child to be ignorant to other races, cultures and religions of the world. I don’t want my child to fear other countries. I don’t want my child to live without seeing how truly beautiful this earth is. If you travel with your children, and show them beauty of the world – they will become a citizen of the world; wise, accepting and compassionate to all races and religions, really appreciating life and the world for what it is. That sounds like a win-win to me; you get to travel while instilling wisdom and bravery into your children along the way.

So, those are the 5 most common reasons people don’t travel, and there is a very valid argument against each one of them.
If those reasons aren’t good enough for you, I’ll leave you with one challenge; travel somewhere this year simply because you WANT to. Buy tickets with no regard to price. Go somewhere you’ve always wanted to, with no regard to what others will think. Let yourself really see one part of the world, and then tell me traveling is a mistake. (You won’t be able to, because taking that trip will change your life.)


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See. I already solved some of your problems! Look how easy that was!
YOUR life is what YOU make it.
So what do you want, and how are you going to make it happen?


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