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2015 was an amazing, challenging and life-changing year for me! I started the year off with a road trip from our home in Ontario, Canada to my sister’s vacation home in Florida, USA. Just a few short weeks after that, I moved myself (and my cat) to Belgium for the second time. Then came 7 long months of home renovations, traveling around Belgium and waiting for my visa approval. We were finally approved for our common law visa in October and a wonderful starter home to live in (with a bunch of help from my in-laws…thank you!)

My sister and some friends made the trip overseas to visit me, which meant so, so much because no one from my Canadian life had ever been here to Belgium before. I thought that was a perfect year, but it got even better when the holiday season started! Ending the year with a very relaxing Christmas holiday in our new house, with our new kitten, my Canadian cat and sparkling Christmas lights.


Thank you so much for reading, commenting, and sharing your experiences with me!
I pray that my experiences and the posts we’ve written this year have helped you in some way, and I hope you will continue following our journey in 2016!

It’s been hard to sift through everything (a lot of blog posts and a lot of photos), but I’ve chosen my top 5 photos, moments, tourist spots, and experiences of 2015!


5. Somewhere in Paris, France via Hop On/Hop Off Bus
Paris France

4. Traffic in front of Notre Dame, Paris, France
Paris France

3. Lion’s Mound, Waterloo, Belgium
Waterloo Belgium Lions Mound

2. Somewhere else in Paris, France via Hop On/Hop Off Bus
Paris France

1. Brugge, Belgium during Christmas Time
Brugge, Belgium



5. Mid-February, I packed my bags (and my cat) and moved back to Belgium!

4. Being approved for our common law visa (FINALLY!) was a bigger deal then I could ever express, and we are so happy here together.


3. Having my sister see my new home and my new life here in Belgium meant so much to me because none of my friends or family from Canada have ever visited before.

2. Christmas with K and our two cats. This holiday season made me feel so at home in Belgium.

1. Girls night in Paris…cheap wine, sparkly lights and my sister/friend. Sharing an experience like this with my sister (who just happens to be my best friend) was really amazing.
Paris France



5. Our immigration process (yes; the whole frustrating, complicated, crazy thing)

4. Road tripping from Ontario, Canada to Florida, USA with my dad and sister

3. Renovating our home together, which was very frustrating but very worth it. (Warning; house renovations with your special someone might make you want to kill them just a little bit, but once it’s all done; there’s no one better to celebrate with!)

2. Navigating my way through Paris with my friends by ourselves. It was interesting, and yes, we did get lost a few times, but we stumbled upon some really amazing things and had a wonderful two days in Paris.
Paris France

1. Having my friends and sister finally see where I’ve been living the past couple of years. Again, so happy to see my two worlds collide, and so happy my sister could see our new home.



5. Amsterdam Ice Bar, Amsterdam, Netherlands (XtraCold Ice Bar) was just amazing. 17 euro admission, 3 free drinks and a bearskin rug on a cold, ice bar bench.

4. Eiffel Tower, Paris, France (because I can never get sick of this view…)

Paris France

3. Doel, Belgium (this half abandoned, ruin of a town was massive hit with both groups of friends I had visit me!)

Grafitti - Doel, Belgium

2. Sarasota Beach, Sarasota, Florida, USA (the whitest sand in all of America) was so wonderful to see with my father and sister.

1. Our New Home (finally finished our renovations!) is my absolute favourite place of 2015.



Special Thanks To:
My boyfriend, for supporting my wildest fantasies and somehow making them into realities.
My In-Laws, for funding the renovations for our home and letting us live with them until it was finished.
My friends, for staying in touch with me while I travel, I love you all so much and I couldn’t imagine my life without you!
My parents, for supporting my decision to move to another continent to follow my heart. I love you, I miss you.
My readers, whoever/wherever you are, thank you for taking time out of your lives to read what I have to say, and share your own experiences. I hope you continue to follow our journey in 2016!

H a p p y     N e w    Y e a r !

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