Why You Should Be Using KAYAK.COM

There are literally hundreds of different sites for planning a trip and getting price alerts – so how do you choose which one to use?

For years, I just used whichever site popped up on Google first, but after creating this blog, I started to search more seriously and began to choose my trip planning regime. One of the sites I use most frequently is KAYAK.COM.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with this site, here are the things you need to know; 


1. DETAILED Price Alerts

Not only can you have up to as many flight alerts as you want, they can be as specific as you want them to be. From simple things like the date, to more complex things like what layovers you have – KAYAK.COM allows you to completely design what flight you are looking for. 


2. Scheduled Alerts 

Many sites just send you alerts whenever they find them, which can be nice – but it can also be super annoying if there are several a day or every other day. KAYAK.COM allows you to choose what day of the week you recieve these alerts.



3. Linking with Social Media

KAYAK.COM allows you to share flight alerts and information about your trip via social media – from emailing your flight information to your mom to asking if any of your Facebook friends want to spend a week in Vegas – this feature is just super helpful. 


4. Easy to Share

You can give your mother some peace of mind by sending your itinerary to her through the site.


5. Itinerary/Trip Planning

A lot of these types of sites are just for alerts alone, but KAYAK.COM allows you to plan virtually your entire trip through their website. 


6. Connected to Other (More Well Known) Sites

KAYAK.COM is actually affilliated with some of those more well-known sites we all use, which speaks to the credibility of the site. It’s also affiliated with BOOKING.COM, which I also love to use.


7. Mobile Features 

This is the digital age, and if you aren’t keeping up – you’re falling behind! KAYAK.COM is definitely up on the times, allowing you full use of their website from your phone. KAYAK.COM also enables text alerts so you can know about that flight to Greece you’ve been waiting for while you’re in that insanely boring meeting at work. 



8.  Financial Records/Receipts

When the dreaded tax time arrives, sometimes I actually wonder how much I’ve spent on travel over the year. Anything you book through KAYAK.COM is saved on your account – where you can access and see just how much you’ve spent on travelling.


9. It’s Easy to Use & Understand

When I try and set up flight alerts on other sites, half the time I have no idea what I’m doing or if the alerts I’m setting are actually for flights I care about. KAYAK.COM is a super easy-to-use, easy-to-understand website.  

**All photos are real snapshots from myself using KAYAK.COM



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