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With just a few short days between me and my first solo, multi-country trip, I’m obviously excited! But, I’m not sure what I’m most excited for; my 10 hour layovers in both Germany and Austria, or just that “finally home” feeling of staying at my parent’s home in Ontario, Canada for a few weeks. Every traveler NEEDS that trip back to their homeland every once and a while, and I haven’t been home in an entire year!

This weekend I will be super busy, packing and planning; choosing outfits, organizing travel documents…finding a kick-ass homecoming playlist…?

WELL YEAH – obviously you need a bunch of rockin’ tunes to get you hyped on your journey back to that special place you call home.

Here is the ultimate “on my way home” playlist!

First, You’ll Need A Few “On The Way to The Airport” Tunes:

Who Says You Can’t Go Home (Bon Jovi) – …Because Bon Jovi rocks, on occasion. And that occasion is when you’re flying down the highway, suitcase on the back seat, sunglasses on, and beyond ready to catch your flight home.
**Summer Time Tip; roll all the windows down and belt this one out, because we all know you want to.

On My Way Home (Pentatonix) – a repeat, catchy chorus of “I’m on my way home” is enough to get you pumped for your flight. Not to mention it’s super impressive this group sings the song sans instruments…

50 Ways to Say Goodbye (Train) – Here’s 50 ways to say goodbye to where you’ve been, because you know where you’re going – and that’s HOME! You have to have one of those “fuck off, I’m leaving!” songs, and it has to be pretty hilarious. That’s why this cutesie, quirky song by Train (that really has nothing to do with travel) still should make your highway drive list. As much as I love my Belgian home; this is saying “goodbye” for a few weeks!

I Drove All Night (Céline Dion) – I’m going to save you some time; don’t even pretend like you don’t want to rock out to this song. Don’t even pretend like you don’t know it, because, come on…who doesn’t?
There’s no judgement here. So get pumped, and let loose…you can totally hold those notes as long as she can…

 Then, Obviously Some “On the Plane” Tunes:

Coming Home (Diddy ft Skylar Grey) – a great tune to play halfway through a long flight to wake yourself up and get yourself pumped!

The Final Countdown (Europe) – a great song to play as your flight is taking off from the country you were just vacationing/living in. Looking out the plane window and listening to this epic ballad will make you appreciate the time you just had, and look forward to where you’re going now.


Walkin’ On The Sun – SmashMouth  – This is a song that really has nothing to do with coming home (or travel, in any way), but it’s definitely a pump up, feel-good song. The flight home is for being happy, and this song will get you there! You might as well be walkin’ on the sun…

500 Miles (The Proclaimers) – Because obviously! This is only the single greatest, most karaoke’d song ever. It really doesn’t need an explanation, it’s an epic song and you just need it, okay?


And finally…the Best “Landing on Home Soil” Tunes: 

Coming Home (City and Colour) – this song makes my heart ache for home, but not in a sad way. In a “excitedly speed-walk through the airport to get to home faster” kind of way. Listen to this sweet tune as you’re making your way through the customs line and collecting your luggage, and tell me you aren’t tempted to burst through the gates and run towards your friends/family like you’re in some sort of epic “coming home” movie.

Home (Michael Buble) – “Another summer day has come and gone away in Paris and Rome – but I want to go home.”
Traveling is absolutely wonderful, but sometimes you just need to go home, you know? This song is one of those sad, aching for home songs. The reason it’s a “landing on home soil” song is because yes, it’s absolutely beautiful, but it has the potential to be absolutely heartbreaking if you’re not seconds away from your arrivals gate and your family on the other side.

“It’ll all be alright, I’ll be home tonight;
I’m coming back home.” 


What songs make your flight home playlist?
Leave them below, I’d love to add them to my playlist!

*I do not own the rights to any of the above songs.

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