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10 Useless Things I Thought I Needed to Do Before My Baby Was Born

Setting up a “nursing station”

Let me save you some time: wherever you are IS the nursing station. After that baby comes, you’ll be whipping your boob out wherever you feel the most comfortable, and most of the time that won’t be in that corner of your baby’s room you’ve set aside and decorated for nursing. No – it will probably be in front of the TV or in your bed.

Having a bunch of newborn outfits

When you’re at home, most of the time it’s easiest to dress baby in onesie pajamas, because who has the energy to dress and re-dress your baby in those jeans and cute jacket when they poop, pee or vomit 10+ times a day? AND – your baby will change sizes every few weeks – so you don’t really need that many outfits of the same size. I have outfits for our son that he didn’t even get the time to wear because he outgrew them.

Buying that “wipe box”

Okay, so these things are the most annoying inventions I’ve ever come across and please don’t ever tell my boyfriend I said that. Because I just HAD to have this cute blue wipe box. I had seen them in everyone’s homes and thought “this is a mom thing. Mom’s have this cute wipe box, they don’t have wipe bags out in the open”. I call bullsh*t!
When you’re dealing with your baby’s massive, never ending poo explosion, you will not want to try to get wipes out of this box. If you’re anything like me, you will have a few baby wipe stashes around the house and putting them in some nice container will be the least of your worries.

20170427_211534**TIP: If you have already bought this wipe box – use it as a container (to store diapers and a small package of wipes in) for your diaper bag! You’ll be able to find the diapers and wipes super easily (even inside your giant diaper bag full of teething toys and burping cloths). 


Setting up the changing table perfectly (and thinking that was the only place I would change diapers)

Okay so when you first bring your baby home, yes, the changing table will probably be the place you feel most comfortable changing diapers. BUT – a few weeks or months in – the changing table (much like the nursing station) is wherever it’s easiest for you. I tend to take my changing matt from room to room, and our changing table has just become a storage space now.

Having a “birthing plan”

Okay, so it IS important to know what you are okay with and what you are not okay with when it comes to giving birth – but having a “plan” is (in my opinion) a recipe for a huge let down, because the chances of things going according to that plan are very slim. And if (read: when) they don’t go the way you planned, you will feel like a failure or at the very least, disappointed.

Counting down to my “due date”

They should call it a due month, not a due date, because girl – anytime after 36 weeks to 42 weeks can be go time!

Read every pregnancy book I could find…

Okay, yes, knowing about your pregnancy is really nice and fine, and yes – it could come in handy. But learning things like infant CPR or taking a breastfeeding class might have been a better use of our time…

Baby-proofing the entire house

I am definitely all for safety – but that baby will spend the first few months in your arms, in their crib or in a bassinet. Not saying your house doesn’t need to be safe – I’m just saying that maybe it can wait.

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