Why Belgium Should Make Your Bucket List

With everything that has been going on in the last few months, travel and tourism are more important than ever. And no – this isn’t some kind of “I just want to travel” spiel.

“From Paris to Berlin, from Brussels to Rome, anxiety about further attacks has caused a steep fall in tourism and in the number of visits to public places such as shops, restaurants and museums, even as officials appeal for business as usual.”
The Independent – Pars Attacks: European Economies Take a Hit

It’s saddening to see the emptiness of Brussels during it’s lockdown here in this article from The Guardian.

Tourism is so important to a country’s economy, and there are so many wonderful reasons to tour Europe, and (although I might be slightly biased); Belgium has so much to offer.



It’s really easy to set your “home base” here in Belgium and take a few weeks to travel to other close-by countries. Because of it’s proximity to other countries and the border-less-ness of Europe in general, Belgium is a great place to set up camp.


The similarity of some Belgian cities compared to other big places in Europe is insane. Bruges has often been referred to as the “Venice of the North”, but also showcases the same beautiful canals you would see in Amsterdam or Stockholm. The gorgeous buildings in some of the towns a little closer to France gives you a little taste of that true, gorgeous French architecture.


Belgium is one of the world’s largest import/export of both chocolate and diamonds. If you’re looking for world-class diamonds – Antwerp is where to look! If you’re looking for melt-in-your-mouth, decadent chocolate; anywhere in Belgium can give you that!



Most travelers are able to stay here in Belgium for 3 months without a visa, making it really easy to get around Europe with a home base in Belgium (as I said before.) Rent an apartment, use AirBnB or stay in a hotel and plan some trips around this area of Europe.


The amount of languages spoken here in Belgium is really helpful for travelers of all nationalities. Although Dutch, French and German are the official languages; a lot of Belgians understand/know English as well.

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This historic monuments/sites here in Belgium are absolutely one-of-a-kind and they are very well preserved. Belgium is known for being home to countless world war sites (Flanders Fields, for example). Most of which are very well preserved or re-build; from war trenches, to museums that house very well preserved artifacts/art pieces and architecture dating back centuries. If you’re looking for a blast from the past, pretty much anywhere you go in Belgium will give you that.

Ypres, BE
Ypres, BE
Flanders Fields
Flanders Fields




If you’re not convinced, check out the gallery below for some of our latest Belgian photography…

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