An Expat Guide to Pregnancy in Belgium (The First Trimester)

So, you’re pregnant! Congratulations!  … The first trimester (lasting until midway through your 13th week of pregnancy) is such an exciting and anxious time. Being completely new to pregnancy, it’s natural to have a bunch of questions – and if you’re in a country you’re not native to – those questions multiply by about a thousand! Here in Belgium it may go a little something like this;  THE FIRST STEP: After a positive pregnancy test, you will be anxiously awaiting a doctors “final say” in whether or not you are in fact pregnant. Meaning, the first step would be to

A New Direction – Building a Life Abroad

While the last few years have been focused on travel and all the adventures that come with moving to another country, it’s time for Travel Pray Love to look in a new direction. Don’t worry – we are still a travel blog, we still love to travel and we will definitely still share itineraries and photos from around the globe. However, when we aren’t traveling, we will be focusing more on building a life in a new country. This blog has been a personal outlet for my immigration frustrations, a way I can share our story with the world and

A Muggle’s Review of Harry Potter: The Exhibition (at Brussels Expo)

— I solemnly swear that I am up to no good — *** What kid didn’t secretly die a little inside when their Hogwarts letter never came on their eleventh birthday? And more specifically to my want-to-be-witches, what girl didn’t lust after Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy or find themselves telling their friends they thought Sirius Black was “hot for an old guy”? Just me? Don’t kid yourself. 😉 Even if you didn’t grow up alongside these magical characters or wait outside movie theaters for hours to see the midnight premieres – you’ve surely heard of, read or seen Harry Potter

Please Think Before You Post (You’re Entitled to Your Opinions but Not All of Them Need to Be Shared…)

Today was a wake up call for me. I never realized how much “power” a blogger has, and how that power is sometimes used for the wrong reasons. That age old “everyone is entitled to their opinion” quote should have something added onto it …. NOT EVERY OPINION YOU HAVE NEEDS TO BE SHARED. Some opinions are very, very offensive and hurtful. We all make snap judgments. Racism is something that I think every single one of us has been guilty of (even just in our minds). We all think things we shouldn’t sometimes, based on our personal experiences or

How to Keep Your Family & Friends Involved In Your Life Abroad

Living in another country is bound to cause a little bit of a gap in your relationships – there is just no way around that. It’s really hard to be involved in someone’s life as much as you were before when they don’t just live 20 minutes away, they live an entire country/continent/ocean away. It’s normal for our relationships to take a bit of a hit when we can’t talk to or see our friends/family/loved ones every day like we normally would. But there are some ways to close that gap a little bit! When I found out I was

Oh, Canada.

I tried for a long time to find a label that suited what Canada was for me – “home”, “where I’m from”, “where I belong”, “my second home”, “my birthplace”. I felt like I needed to know (and more importantly, to explain to all of you) what Canada meant to me. Then I realized – Canada and I are doing just fine and we don’t need labels or some grand love affair…we’re just us. I’m a Canadian, living in Belgium and I absolutely adore Canada…and that’s all I really know. How we got here: I have been both happy and

5 Absolute Lies About Travel

When you’re first entering the world of travel, it’s new, it’s exciting and it’s super CONFUSING. Add onto that the amount of people (bloggers like myself included) who are telling you how, where, when and how you should feel about traveling – it gets even more confusing. **These things MAY be true for some, but in general, they are things that are said often but really make no sense when you really think about them. TRAVEL SHOULD BE MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR CAREER (OR VICE VERSA) Let’s settle something right now – no one can tell you what is important

How to Keep Your Blog Numbers Steady (Without Living in Your Laptop)

Share, like, stumble, tweet, heart reaction, favorite, thumbs up, banging head into keyboard emoji….oh, that last one doesn’t exist? Well, for bloggers, I really think it should. I can’t be the only one who has spent hours pouring over social media and old blog posts to keep the blog hits coming, right? I firmly believe that statistic are not everything and we shouldn’t be TOO concerned over them, but whose heart doesn’t sink a little when their stats are sinking, right? I think I have finally figured out a way to keep your numbers steady without feeling like you’re glued

10 Photos That Will Convince You To Travel

“Sometimes I arrive just when God’s ready to have somone click the shutter.” ― Ansel Adams a road trip though Canada  standing in line  – Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France  waiting in traffic – Arc du Triomphe, Paris, France “What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” ― Karl Lagerfeld listening to the waves in Havana, Cuba  Vintage in Vienna (Austria) “Photography is truth.” — Jean-Luc Godard  flyin’ high (somewhere over Europe)  Wine in front of the Eiffel Tower – Paris, France stepping into a story book in Frankfurt, Germany quietly

5 Ways to Stay Positive Despite the Distance

Jennifer Craig is a long­-distance relationship success story. She started SurviveLDR for women who want to survive and thrive in long-distance relationships. For more advice on how to make long-distance relationships work, follow her on Instagram, like her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.   It is so easy to get lost in the negative of long-distance relationships: feeling alone all of the time, missing each other, dealing with jealousy, friends and family who just don’t understand. But there are so many positives about long-distance relationships, too! I rarely had to put on makeup, and I only shaved right