5 Mistakes I Keep Making in Paris

You know those destinations that, no matter how many times you visit, you feel like you just haven’t seen everything you wanted to see? Well, that’s Paris for me. It’s my own fault, really. I keep making the same mistakes, every time I go there!! Every time I’ve left Paris, I’ve left it a little disappointed because I missed things I knew I wanted to see and made stupid mistakes that slowed down my days. I have loved both my visits to the city of love, but I’m hoping the third time is the charm – because the first two

Lifestyle: 6 Tips for a Relaxing (And Fun) Pregnancy

Welcome to the first lifestyle post on Travel Pray Love! These posts will be mingled in with our regular travel/expat posts, but will focus on things like pregnancy, becoming a mother, building a life as a new family, etc.   HOW DO I RELAX (BUT STILL HAVE FUN) DURING MY PREGNANCY?   If you’re anything like me, you’ve taken your pregnancy as a sign to slow life down a little bit. You’ve had a million people telling you how you won’t be sleeping, having alone time (or really, having any kind of life) after your child is born. While I

Maternity Leave in Belgium: What You Need to Know

I’M OFFICIALLY ON MATERNITY LEAVE! And I’m celebrating by laying on my couch, sifting through baby websites and reading more about maternity leave in Belgium. I’d love to share the information I’ve gathered with you! (I’ve finished my last week of work, filled out and handed in my paperwork to my insurance company, but haven’t heard anything back yet – so I will update this as I go along and get more information from them!)   HOW IT WORKS… Let me give you a run-down of maternity leave in Belgium (from what I understand of it) along with some resources I’ve

Top 5 Expat Destinations in Europe

This is a guest post written by Currency UK. Currency UK is more than just a way to transfer funds overseas – check out their Expat section for great advice about starting your expat life. They hope to be there with you every step of the way!  When it comes to upping sticks and moving abroad, many of us are rather tentative to consider. What if I can’t find a job? What if I don’t connect with the culture? What if I absolutely hate it?! This feeling of uncertainty is enough to drive the thought of expatriating deep into the back of

6 Travel Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Talking with my mom the other day about how she (once again) didn’t purchase cancellation insurance for her holiday flights, I realized that there are just some travel mistakes that we keep making, no matter how many times it’s come back to bite us. I am just as guilty! (How guilty? Check out #6…) So, in hopes of making your next vacation a little less stressful…please, please don’t make these completely ridiculous yet embarrassingly common mistakes. 1 NOT HAVING CANCELLATION INSURANCE ON YOUR FLIGHTS Like I said, I feel like my mother makes this mistake every time and no matter how many

Last Minute/Emergency Flight Tips (While Pregnant)

Taking last minute flights is truly an art-form – and if you know how to do this while avoiding insane flight prices and can deal with the spontaneity with ease, I salute you. For those of us who like to plan a bit more and aren’t quite as flight-search-savvy – having to take a last minute flight can be insanely stressful and make a huge dent in one’s savings account. And if you’re pregnant, it’s utter chaos. This past weekend, someone in my family fell in bad health and was close to death, so I booked a flight, packed my

Expat Guide: 6 Ways to Break Out of the Expat Rut

EXPAT RUT (sinking hole of unadventurousness); definition – when the excitement of a new country fades and you start to spend an increasing amount of time on your couch interacting with 2D television people instead of venturing out into the world of 3D real people. Being an expat is fun and exciting and adventurous – and then it just turns into real life (and sometimes, real life is boring!) Sometimes we find ourselves in a little bit of a rut; saying “no” to adventures we should be saying “yes” to only to stay at home binge-watching Netflix. It happens to

Expat Guide: What I Wish I Knew Before Moving Abroad

In this bloggers-tell-all post, some of my favourite bloggers share the little bits of wisdom they wish they would have had before moving to another country. “I absolutely love living in London – I came here to be with my fiancé, we have an incredible life here and I am finding it incredibly easy to make London my new home. However, I never thought that, if I loved London so much, I would still feel like I am missing out on home. Despite the fact that I am having incredible experiences and getting to travel all over Europe, it’s so

Coping With the Fear of Death While Traveling

Before you click away – this isn’t some morbid, depressing post on life, death and the idea of traveling. I’m not going to tell you that nothing bad will ever happen while you’re on the road away from home. But I will tell you that those things might happen even if you’re sat in your mothers’ living room watching Say Yes to The Dress. The real point of this article is to remember that bad things happen and where we geographically are when those bad things do happen  doesn’t mean a thing. If you take one thing away from this